Turkey Cave Hotels

The Goreme Valley holds one of the most visited and unique attractions in Turkey—the incredibly elaborate Cappadocia churches and monasteries carved into the soft volcanic tufa rock and scattered across an immense open air museum. Many people do not realize that, like the monks, the local people also took advantage of the soft rock, and carved their houses into the fairytale cones, chimneys, and cliff faces. Today, a number of them have been renovated into comfortable Cappadocia cave hotels with unique character and ambience.

They also provide you with insight into the rich history of this region, as some of the Turkey cave hotels were homes as long as two thousand years ago. They are some of the most unique boutique hotels in the world. More than one cave hotel in Turkey will have high-speed Internet access, and all have comfortable accommodations, modern bathrooms, electricity, televisions, telephones, and even high speed Internet.

The oldest cave hotel in Turkey is the Esbelli Evi. Converted in 1987 from several traditional homes and two caves, it boasts three spacious Cappadoccia cave suites with kitchens and private gardens as well as traditional inn rooms. It is one of the most prestigious of all the Turkey cave hotels and is decorated with antiques, local handcrafts, and traditional Turkish carpets. Located in the community of Urgup, it includes a full breakfast, and several dining spots are within a short walking distance. It is excellent for families and small groups traveling to attend special events.

The Spillo Cave Hotel and the Kelebek Pension are two of the region’s Cappadocia cave hotels as well as its finer boutique hotels. The Spillo Caves hotel has beautiful rooms and suites, which include private cave terraces boasting beautiful views; it helps guests truly make the most of their stunning surroundings. The Kelebek boasts a swimming pool in addition to full spa services including a traditional marble hamam (Turkish baths). The Kebelek is located in the town of Nevsehir, and its owners operate one of area’s companies offering tours of the Goreme Valley with an emphasis on Turkish culture and cuisine.

A cave hotel in Turkey that has regularly received international awards and recognition is the Urgup Evi, with deluxe rooms and suites and lovely grassy and shaded terraces. The property has a long history as it was used continuously as a home for several hundred years. There are two large double rooms, two suites, and a separate home with two bedrooms and kitchen that can be taken by a family or group. Its dining room has an excellent chef who operates one of the best restaurants in the area.

Les Maisons de Cappadoce was designed by French architect Jacques Avizou, who took the concept of Cappadocia cave hotels to new levels by creating several beautifully restored and elegant villas that act as vacation rentals. While each villa has its own kitchen, a full breakfast will be brought to your door on request. It is located in the town of Uchisar, the highest point in the valley, and has spectacular panoramic views.

All the towns containing Turkey cave hotels are located about 150 miles south of the capital city of Ankara, but few visitors drive here. The area is accessed by either the Nevsehir or Kayseri airport, and there is good airport shuttle transportation to the area. Additionally, most hotels will arrange airport transfers, and many visitors who book vacation packages will have all transportation (often flights as well) included in the cost of their itinerary. One of the things to do here is to fly over the scenic valley with its fairy chimneys on Cappadocia balloon tours, and virtually all the hotels will arrange this exciting option for you.



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