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The kinds of Ephesus tours available are many and diverse, providing you with plenty of choices. Most passengers on the large ships stopping at the port of Kusadasi will book Ephesus shore excursions directly from the ship. While this is very convenient, and these tours to Ephesus are good value, some passengers will want visits to these ancient ruins in a smaller group and timed for their own convenience. This is very appealing especially for families and small groups on vacations together who wish to enjoy their Ephesus Pammukale tours and Ephesus Pergamon tours only in the company of their own traveling companions. There are many reputable local companies and operators who will make these arrangements for you.

It is suggested that you make these arrangements in advance if you are traveling during the peak season of warm summer weather, but even if you are just visiting Kusadasi for a few days, it is possible to find good operators who will book you onto tours of the area. Many people like to have their Ephesus tours last a full day, and this incredible site certainly merits that much time. These tours will take a break for lunch at a local restaurant and, perhaps, some time to relax and get in a little shopping in a local village.

There are also Ephesus biblical tours available that concentrate on the Christian aspects of the region. Two of the biblical Seven Churches from the Book of Revelations are located in Turkey. One is in Ephesus, the Basilica of St. John, and one is in Pergamon, the massive Red Basilica in what is now Bergama. Other Christian sites in the region include the house of the Virgin Mary, located between Ephesus and Seljuk.

Most tours to Ephesus include the Basilica of St. John. Many Ephesus Pammukale tours will also travel to the nearby “cotton castle” thermal pools located about 75 miles away. This combination makes for an excellent two day, one night excursion, spending a full day in Ephesus, a drive to Pamkkale for an overnight, and then a visit to the thermal pools and return to Kusdasi the following day. Since cruise ships often are moored off Kusdasi for two days, it is possible to do this if you are a passenger. When you make these kinds of Ephesus Pammukale tours arrangements, you will not be refunded for the overnight you miss onboard ship.

Tours to Ephesus cover the major sites and structures that have made this place a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site, including the Marble Sacred Street, connecting the famous Library of Celsus with the Great Amphitheater. The library once held thousands of scrolls and was a center of learning that rivaled the great library at Alexandria in Egypt. The amphitheater is the largest in Turkey and one of the largest outdoor theaters in the ancient world. It once sat as many as 40,000 and today it seats a crowd of 25,000 people who come for festivals and special events because of the theater’s incredible acoustics. Even Elton John has performed here. Ephesus tours will also reveal the columns that are the remnants of the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and the massive Great Gate of Augustus.

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