Fethiye Turkey

There are a number of beaches near Fethiye that draw visitors from around the world. One of these is beautiful Calis Beach, center of a thriving ex-pat community of Western Europeans located about four miles away. Calis is one of the quieter beach resorts along the Mediterranean coastline. The town itself (loated about 75 miles southwest of Marmaris) is set in a lovely wide bay that contains one of the most important marinas in the country. Numerous little islands scattered in the bay make this an excellent place for snorkeling and scuba diving. Fethiye travel will also reveal two other very popular beaches—Oludeniz Beach with its famous Blue Lagoon (only about four miles from the city) and Patara Beach (about 50 miles away). Patara is part of a wild and pristine national park, so many a vacation to Fethiye will spend some time here to get away from the bustling resort atmosphere of Fethiye and spend some time with nature.

Another of the attractions in Fethiye is the ancient Greek city of Tellmessos with its fabulous ruins, some of which are Lycian tombs carved into rock face like the buildings of Petra in Jordan. They date to the fourth century B.C. and are in the Doric style. There are also several Lycian sarcophagi here, and no vacation to Fethiye is complete without visiting this historic site. A round of Fethiye travel will undoubtedly also reveal the great eleventh-century Crusade fortress that was used as a naval stronghold by the Knights of Rhodes in the fourteenth century. There is a landmark tower to the fortress, and many Fethiye hotels are clustered around this part of the city. Fethiye Turkey will also give you access to a very unusual and beautiful place at Koturumsu Bay. This be reached only by boat, and here you will find Kelebekler Vardisi (Butterfly Valley) that is filled with thousands of the beautiful insects flitting through the pine forested gorge and around its dramatic waterfalls.

The history of Fethiye Turkey (the entire Turquoise Coast, in fact) and its neighboring country of Greece is a long and complicated one. This entire coastal region was, at one time, part of the First Hellenic Republic. Many of the great Turkish ruins, such as Ephesus, are former Greek cities. The end of the Greco-Turkish War (1919-1922) after World War I saw the dismantling of the Ottoman Empire (which fought on the side of Germany), the founding of the modern country of Turkey, and the establishment of the Third Hellenic Republic in Greece. The treaty at the end of the Greco-Turkish War was an agreement between the two countries to exchange populations forever, and this resulted in the largest wholesale redistribution of populations in the twentieth century. Greeks left the city of Fethiye Turkey and founded the Nea Makri on the Attica Peninsula in Greece.

Today, Fethiye travel is no longer a major source of conflict between the two nations, and sailing yachts along the Turquoise Coast regularly make stops on the islands of Greece, especially Chios off the coast of Izmir, Samos off the coast of Kusadasi, Kos off the coast of Bodrum, and Rhodes off the coast of Marmaris. A vacation to Fethiye can easily be made from Rhodes, which is only about 40 miles away.

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