Lara Beach

Lara Beach in Turkey (Plaji) is located just east of the city of Antalya, which is one of the most popular beach resorts on the beautiful Turquoise Coast. When you get tired of the sand and sea, you can enrich your Lara Beach holidays with a visit to the city’s museums, especially the superb Antalya Archeological Museum, one of the best, largest, and most important in the country. Shopping in the bazaars of Antalya is also a popular activity.

The Lara Beach hotels are some of the best luxury hotels in the country, and many of these are clustered around the Lara Beach area. Many of them are all inclusive hotels, set right on the beach and offering a number of facilities and amenities. The all inclusive Lara Beach hotels generally offer three meals a day during set meal times and a range of complimentary activities that might include tennis, internet access, and even spa services such as traditional Turkish baths. A lot of the Lara Beach services that you might normally have to pay for will also be included, such as umbrellas, sun beds, and deck chairs. You will be charged for the more exotic activities, for instance parasailing. There are many vacation packages available, especially in Western European countries, that will also include the cost of airlines to Turkey, airport transfers, and Antalya hotels.

If you’re not staying in one of the luxury Lara Beach hotels and are on a budget, you will find that transportation to Lara Beach in Turkey is available from the center of the city in a "dolmus," a shared taxi or minibus that will sit at the dolmus stand until it is filled with passengers. These can be a bit cramped and the ride can take a bit longer as the dolmus will stop to let people off and pick up new passengers, but it is far cheaper than hiring a private taxi. These can also be rather intimidating for novice travelers, as the drivers often do not speak English and the entire dolmus system can seem confusing. But if you’re an intrepid traveler (usually those young backpackers you find in youth hostels) up for an authentic experience, this a very inexpensive way to travel the country and get around Antalya. The entire ride from Antalya city center to Lara Beach will take about 30 to 45 minutes.

Antalya is set on cliffs (falez) overlooking the sea, and Lara Beach begins just east of the cliffs past the dramatic Lower Duden Waterfall. Once you get there, the sand stretches for quite a few miles. The first dolmus stop is Lara Halk Plaji, and the best parts of the beach begin here and continue further east. All along this long stretch of beach are services that rent out beach chairs and umbrellas, as wells as food concessions and showers.

Lara Beach in Turkey gives you easy access to other beaches as well, including Patara Beach and Oludeniz Beach. Side Beach is also a good nearby beach; be aware that there is often nude sunbathing here.

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