Pamukkale Hotels

Many Pamukkale hotels lean heavily towards spa type properties, taking advantage of the attraction of the thermal pools and springs in the region. You are not going to find any large five-star luxury accommodations in Pamukkale as most of the properties are more modest, but still very nice. There are also many small, family-run pensions and boutique hotels that are clean and comfortable. This is because so many visitors are day-trippers from Kusadasi or making a stop en route only on the way to another place.

Most of the Pamukkale hotels can be considered three-star properties, while very few are four-star, but even the most modest are apt to have a thermal pool, sauna and Jacuzzi, and massage and spa services. Perhaps the best hotel in Pamukkale in this category is the Pamuksu. In addition to all the above facilities and services, this 51-room property boasts two restaurants (with ample outdoor dining), three bars (including one by the swimming pool), a children's playground, a television lounge, and even a disco. Rooms have all the modern amenities for you to be comfortable, including television, room service, air-conditioning, and heat. Like many smaller hotels around the country, this hotel in Pamukkale is based on half-board, meaning breakfast and the evening meal are included. Large city hotels, such as in Istanbul and Izmir, generally offer no more than breakfast.

A very few resorts, especially beach resorts like Kusadasi, have deluxe five-star resorts that are all-inclusive. Since visitors are often out all day away from the hotel exploring the attractions, this is not so important. You will find that Pamukkale hotels typically offer the kind of amenities and facilities at the Pamuksu.

The most luxurious accommodation in Pamukkale is possibly the Artemis Yoruk. This hotel in Pamukkale also offers the added benefit of some rooms with actual views of the frozen white waterfalls at the nearby thermal pools. It is located right in the quiet village near restaurants and shopping, and is only about a five-minute walk to the waterfalls and the ancient ruins of Hieropolis. They have more upscale rooms, including family and small group rooms sleeping as many as six people, and all rooms also have a balcony.

For cheap accommodations in Pamukkale you will find that the Artemis Yoruk has a separate section with hostel like rooms, some with shared bathrooms. The hotel also has a restaurant, swimming pool, beautiful gardens, and massage and spa services. This hotel is also equipped with a travel office that can book everything from white water rafting and cruises down the coast from Kusadasi, and tours to other nearby attractions like the incredible ruins of Ephesus and the Temple of Apollo at Didyma.

A hotel in Pamukkale that might be considered one cut above the Artemis Yoruk is the Melrose Allgau. While it offers all the Artemis does, its distinction is truly beautiful grounds and one of the best restaurants in town, but it offers limited spa services. Room service is available 24-hours, and the property is open year round, something unusual in smaller properties. Even this hotel has a separate section catering to travelers on a budget, and you can book hostel type rooms here as well.

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