Skiing in Turkey

Turkish skiing is not one of the biggest attractions in the country, but there is excellent seasonal skiing in Turkey in several different locations. Most of this is found in the interior, which has a continental climate. This means that when to go is generally during the northern hemisphere winter.

There are a few ski centers in Turkey along the Turquoise Coast and near the Sea of Marmara coast in the city of Bursa. Bursa is built around and on the slopes of Mount Uludag, which rises to a height of about 8,000 feet. There are numerous Bursa hotels and ski lodges here. The Beceren Hotel has been open in the summer as one of the area's spa resorts since 1947. It boasts spas, thermal springs, and Turkish baths, and recently opened during the winter for the ski trade. You can reach this area by ferry from Istanbul or by road through Iznik in about 90 minutes. When people staying in Istanbul for few days want to know where to ski In Turkey this is the spot they choose.

For skiing in Turkey near the beaches of the Turquoise Coast, you will find the Beydaglag mountain range. Ride to the top of this range, and you can see the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea (only about 30 miles away) dotted with the canvas of sailing yachts and large ships on cruises around the Mediterranean. Since there are about 300 sunny days per year here, the view is almost always spectacular. The best time for Turkish skiing here is from January to April. If you go later in the season, you will find you can ski in the morning and then dip your feet in warm waters and laze on the sand of beach resorts in the afternoon.

In the far east of the country, near the border, with Iran, Armenia, and Georgia, is the city of Erzurum and the highest peaks in the country—the Palandoken Mountain Range, rising to heights of more than 10,300 feet above sea level. This is where to ski In Turkey if you are looking for the absolute best conditions and powder that rivals the fresh snow found on the slopes of Colorado and Utah. Here is legendary Mount Ararat, with both Turkish skiing and technical mountain climbing. This is the coldest and snowiest part of the country, and it is sometimes inaccessible during the worst winter weather. When to go to this region for the best skiing in Turkey is during the spring months of April and May.

Where to ski In Turkey might also include Ankara, the capital city of the country. This is Turkey's center of government, commerce, and business. Because of this, many business and diplomatic travelers find themselves stationed here during what many think is the worse weather for vacations, winter. But if they are skiers, they are in luck. Only about fifteen miles outside of the city is Elmadag, While it is one of the smaller ski resorts in the country, it has good skiing from January to March. There are also numerous hotels and vacation rentals here, making it a great place to get away from the bustle of the city.

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