Turkey Hotels

An exciting and enchanting blend of East-meets-West, Turkey is diverse country that attracts many visitors who revel in its history, architecture, culture, and energy. Whether you want sumptuous Turkish lodging or simple and cheap Turkey accommodation, and whether you are traveling to Istanbul, Ankara, or Ephesus, there will be many Turkey hotels to choose from, and surely one will be a good match for your tastes and budget.

While it is not the political capital of Turkey, Istanbul is in many ways still the cultural heartbeat of the country, and it's also a major destination for globetrotters. Istanbul's history and diverse attractions ranging from the Hagia Sophia, art galleries, Turkish bath houses, high-end shopping, and restaurants appeal to travelers of many kinds. When booking your hotels in Istanbul, you will have a wide variety of prices and atmospheres from which to choose. Luxurious five-star hotels such as the Marmara Istanbul and the Four Seasons offer some of the best accommodations in the city, with a central location, beautiful furnishings, and supreme service.

Just a small step down from these top of the class offerings are a wealth of three- and four-star Turkey hotels that offer excellent accommodations for a slightly lower price. Some of these to check out include in the Bosphorus Palace Hotel, the Marmara Pera, Dersaadet Hotel, Hotel Uyan Istanbul, and Tria Hotel Istanbul. If you are searching for more mellow and low-key Turkish lodging, consider staying at a boutique hotel or guesthouse.

Many travelers also choose to visit Ankara, the capital of Turkey. Elegant luxury options for Turkish lodging here include the Ankara Hilton, the Sheraton Ankara Hotel and Towers, and the smaller Gordion Hotel. Another popular destination in Turkey is Ephesus, which draws tourists with its historical significance and ancient Roman ruins, including those of the Temple of Artemis. There are not very many Turkey hotels in Ephesus, but you will find the four-star Hitit Hotel, which offers views of the Aegean Sea and is a good bet for those seeking a luxury experience at every hotel in Turkey where they stay. The Ephesus area also has several small guesthouses and boutique hotels with just a few rooms, which can be good for the relaxed budget traveler.

With its beaches and resorts, the eastern Mediterranean coast becomes packed with vacationers in the summer. Particularly in Alana, there is a wealth of Turkey hotels and resorts, including the Kayha Otel, Seaport Hotel, Alaiye Resort and Spa Hotel, and the Yetkin Club Hotel. The best way to book these is often as a part of a Turkey holiday package, including your airfare. Nearly all of the major hotels offer all-inclusive packages as well.

For smaller budgets, it is still possible to find a hotel in Turkey that will not break the bank. Those seeking cheap Turkish lodging should be sure to look on the Internet for special deals and packages. Often a hotel in Turkey will be priced at a discount when purchased with a flight. Also, ask about weekend discounts at lodging in major Turkish cities including Istanbul and Ankara.

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