Turkey Vacations

People take Turkey vacations for a variety of reasons that include simply seeing all the country has to offer. Some vacations to Turkey concentrate entirely on the Aegean and Mediterranean beaches along the beautiful Turquoise Coast. Visitors from Europe have been enjoying beach holidays here since the 1960s and 1970s, and they still make up the largest percentage of tourists on the coast.

A Turkey family vacation particularly lends itself to a holiday spent on the beach, and many of the beach resorts cater especially to families with children. Many of them have children's pools, some complete with their own water park, and will offer supervised and organized activities for young people in the water, on the sand, and even all terrain vehicle tours in the surrounding countryside. Many have game rooms, and you'll even find a teen disco here and there.

These kinds of amenities and services can help make a Turkey family vacation exciting for the young people and carefree for their parents. One such beach resort is the lovely Hillside Beach Club near Fethiye. In order to ensure it serves both its adult and younger guests, it boasts an adults-only "Silent Beach" where loud noise and cell phones are not welcome.

Many families are traveling on a budget. One of the ways to create a cheap Turkey family vacation is to look at the many vacation rentals available - especially along the coast. These can save on the extra you pay for services in luxury hotels and save money on dining out costs, since most vacation rentals come with fully-equipped kitchens.

Many other people enjoy vacations to Turkey using vacation rentals. A number of communities of villas have sprung up around the golf course in Belek, near Antalya. There are even charming alpine ski chalets for rent in places like Bursa that cater to the skiing enthusiasts. Several of the cities on the coast have sizable ex patriot communities who come for extended Turkey vacations during the summer, and have purchased property here. They often rent these out during the off season months. You will find these accommodations generally around Bodrum, Antalya, and Marmaris.

A romantic vacation to Turkey is also particularly suited to the beaches of the country, and many of the beach resorts can make all of the arrangements both for your wedding ceremony as well as your honeymoon. One place where a honeymooning couple can truly get away from it all is at the Villa Florya Beach Resort near Marmaris. It is only accessible by boat from Marmaris or after a 45- to 60-minute drive on a narrow, winding road using car rentals. This property has capacity for only 28 guests, and is one of the best secluded boutique hotels in the region. Romantic Turkey vacations can be had at many other boutique hotels on the coast. Some couples will also start or end their honeymoon with a couple nights at one of the palace hotels along the Bosphorus in Istanbul.

Many vacations to Turkey concentrate on seeing as many sights as possible in the itinerary. These kinds of vacations are usually vacation packages that include a number of features and services and stay overnight in several different places. A typical itinerary might include a couple days in Istanbul taking tours of its mosques and palaces; then fly to Cappadocia for a night in cave hotels and tours of the Cappadocia cave churches; visit Izmir or Kusadasi and have a tour of Ephesus; and perhaps end with a couple days on the beaches.

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