UK Airports

UK airports number in the dozens, with a handful of major, international hubs to choose from in each of three distinct UK countries. International airports in the UK are world-class, offering services and amenities found in almost all developed nations. From baggage storage to restaurants, bars, lounges, and shopping, convenience and comfort is evident and fully extended to travelers. Some England airports, like Bristol International, even feature world-famous art to peruse.

England Airports

Though it is well-known flight costs are inexpensive compared to North American rates, arriving at Heathrow Airport in London is often a good choice when eyeing up the best flight deals for UK vacations. It is easily the busiest of all England airports with endless connections to points all over the UK and the world. Heathrow is also a good choice for connections to other European capitals, and can often save you money to fly into this airport and switch to local European budget airlines rather than scheduling a through-flight from home. Other international England airports include Bristol in the southwest, Gatwick less than 30 miles south of London, and Stansted northeast of London, and Luton outside of London as well. Paired with the London tube and railways, getting around England is very convenient.

Northern Ireland Airports

Northern Ireland airports include Belfast International, the region’s premier point of arrival and departure. Locally called Aldergrove, the airport welcomes a majority of visitors and is conveniently close to Antrim’s famous coast. It is serviced by almost a dozen international airlines flying to Canada, the United States, and dozens of European destinations. City of Derry Airport serves Ireland and Northern Ireland with flights to points including Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Liverpool and regular flights to London, England. Just a couple of miles from Belfast is George Best Belfast City Airport, another of the Northern Ireland airports offering multiple options, mainly serving Ireland and domestic UK routes. Regular connections to London and Paris are available.

Looking at options for Scotland airports, international flights are best serviced via Edinburgh or Glasgow but are also available through Aberdeen. Minor Scotland airports fill the need for flights to surrounding islands. Edinburgh International, 25 minutes from the city core, has been renovated to the tune of US $200 million, and now sufficiently services all flight needs. The concourse on the ground floor houses the main check-in facility.

Glasgow and Glasgow Preswick are two additional Scotland airports offering international routes. Glasgow is one of the most-used UK airports, and just ten minutes by bus, train, or car from the city center. Thirty miles from Glasgow is Preswick International, the fastest growing Scottish airport located in Ayrshire. It is highlighted by several budget airlines, a consistent and reliable trend in the UK. Weekend trips are accommodated with regular flights to Northern Ireland airports, England’s airports, and those across Europe.

With many UK airports placed in the region’s hubs, getting to and from almost any major UK area is simple and relatively inexpensive. Mid-week flights garner the most savings but keep a close eye on deals. UK airlines are known to offer jaw-dropping domestic airline prices never seen in North America. There are also many great deals and vacation packages including tours from international airports across the world. The value and convenience afforded from most international airports in the United Kingdom opens a limitless array of options for both short and long term travelers.

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