Alnwick Castle

Alnwick Castle can be found in the castle-rich county of Northumberland, and in recent years, it has become quite famous. This fame has much to do with the Harry Potter movies. Also known as the Harry Potter Castle, this stately structure in northeast England has been used as a stand in for the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy. This fictional boarding school caters to both witches and wizards in the film series. This castle is more than just a movie stand in, however. The Duke of Northumberland maintains residence at Alnwick Castle, and from April to October, it becomes one of the top tourist attractions in the area.

Of all the inhabited castles in England, Alnwick is the second largest. The first parts of the structure are believed to have been erected in the late eleventh century, and ever since 1309, it has served as a home for Percys, Earls, and Dukes of Northumberland. When the Percys first moved in, the castle was renovated and took on the role of a fortress. In the 1600s, it fell into a state of decay, though the first Duke and Duchess of Northumberland saw to it that renovations were carried out. These renovations added a gothic appeal to Alnwick Castle, though this appeal was erased when the fourth Duke of Northumberland changed the architectural style between the years of 1854 and 1865.

Should you wish to further your understanding of Alnwick Castle history, paying the structure a visit is the best way to do so. Special exhibitions that can be found in some of the castle towers highlight the history of the edifice and the region in general. Visitors can also get insight into the history of Harry Potter Castle by taking a guided tour, and should you be visiting with kids, there is a special children's activity area known as Knight's Quest. Other points of interest at this wonderful northeast England attraction are the birds of prey demonstrations and the Harry Potter-themed magic performances, and as long as you are eleven years old or older, you can take archery lessons.

When you're not touring the castle at Alnwick or indulging in a range of fun activities, you might tour the gardens. The Alnwick Castle gardens, or the Alnwick Garden as it is also known, is a delightful contemporary garden that is just a short walk from Alnwick Castle. It was created by the Duchess of Northumberland around the year 2000, and among its features are a splendid rose garden, a collection of attractive fountains, and a large tree house attraction with a restaurant.

Due largely in part to the fact that it borders Scotland, the county in which Alnwick Castle can be found features many other castles. A number of wars broke out in the region over the centuries, so protective installments had to be in good supply. Add in the lovely landscapes that can be found in the county of Northumberland, and it becomes clear that this is an excellent place to do some sightseeing.

Couples who are trying to plan a dream wedding will also be happy to know that Northumberland can be a fantastic region to get married in. You can actually have a wedding at Alnwick Castle, and the stately residence is also available for other kinds of private events, such as product launches and balls. An enticing collection of cottage rentals are available at Alnwick Castle for wedding participants and anyone else who might wish to stay overnight on the grounds.



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