Belfast Day Trips

Belfast day trips today offer a view of a Belfast that is no longer torn by violence as it has been in the past. The city is emerging from its history as a place for tourists to visit and see the area as never before. Belfast tours can show both a modern and historic side to Belfast that is well worth exploring.

Donegall Square

Belfast day tours through the central area of the city can begin in Donegall Square, where tourists will find the City Hall. This is truly the heart of the city, and all major public transportation routes have a hub here in the square. North of Donegall Square is Donegall Place, a shopping district where travelers can take advantage of the street’s spiffy improvements of late.

Belfast Central Library

A great way to experience Belfast tours through central Belfast is by visiting Saint Anne’s Cathedral, the Belfast Central Library housed in an impressive Victorian building and the Lagan Lookout Visitors Center. Interested travelers can also take the Titanic Boat Tour, located in Belfast because the Titanic was actually built there. Cornmarket, a high end shopping center, is another popular stop on Belfast day tours through central Belfast.

Belfast Castle

A tour of Belfast in the northern section will reveal fewer attractions than the central part of Belfast, and yet Belfast tours of the north are none the less intriguing. Spend the day touring Belfast Castle, which is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. After touring the castle, tour the grounds on which the castle is situated; Cave Hill. Cave Hill offers views of both the city of Belfast and the coast, and has multiple intersecting walking trails. Pack a picnic and enjoy your lunch on Cave Hill for a bit of relaxation.

Belfast Zoo

Spend a day on your tour of Belfast at the Belfast Zoo. The Belfast Zoo is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily, and has a nice range of animals for viewing.

Queen"s University

Belfast day trips in the south can begin at Queen’s University. The large Victorian building that is the main building of the University is worth touring for its history and beauty. If you happen to be in town during the Belfast Film Festival, you may also want to stop at the nearby Queens Film Theater, which houses the festival.

Belfast Botanical Garden

Take time on your tour of Belfast to check out the Botanical Gardens across from the University. Finish out your day with a trip to the Ulster Museum and maybe a show at the Lyric Theater.

Stormont Parliament Buildings

Belfast day tours through the eastern section of Belfast should start with the Stormont Parliament Buildings. Although the current Northern Ireland Assembly is suspended for the time being, the buildings are for their sessions are certainly worth touring. After grabbing a bite to eat for lunch, head over to the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, by far one of the most popular attractions in Belfast for tourists. The enormous museum would take multiple days to explore in its entirety, but Belfast day tours of the museum will give tourist a sense of the place.

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