Weather in Belfast

Belfast weather might get a bad rap for rain but a little rain never puts a damper on one UK city that keeps in step with a festive spirit all year. Truth lies in the fact that Belfast has a lot of grey days but the weather tends to have little affect on attractions and events. April to October are the best time to visit Belfast and Northern Ireland with the bonus of almost-perfect summers; never too hot or cold but perfectly nice and warm. Consider the arts scene in high gear all year round.

January - March: From January through March, Belfast weather is cool, typically between 46 and 49 degrees Fahrenheit with an average of only five snow days a month. These are the city’s coldest times with lows getting down to 33 degrees Fahrenheit. If cold isn’t a factor, this time of year procures some of the best vacation deals. The Belfast Film Festival also kicks off in March.

April - May: As things warm up in the city, temperatures rise to an average high of 55 with lows of 39 degrees Fahrenheit.  The Cathedral Quarter of Arts Festival is the biggest event spanning both months. Leaning toward the left-wing and definitely one of the city’s more eclectic festivals, this arts fest is one-of-a-kind. The streets of Belfast come alive with performers, dancers, and other buskers which creates a very fun and festive atmosphere. The Belfast Film Festival ties up in April. 

June - September. As summer slips in, everything turns bright and lush, especially the outskirts and north coast. Average highs are roughly 64 degrees with average lows of 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The highest temperature Belfast has had is 84 degrees but that is certainly not typical. West Belfast’s event Festival of the People (Feile an Phobail) is the largest summer event in August. Other great summer festivals and events include June’s City Carnival, Belfast Taste & Music Fest in August, and September’s Food and Drink Festival. The summer days make for especially pleasant trips out the Giant's Causeway along the coast in Antrim, though it is possible to all year.

October - November: Though it’s starting to cool down quite a bit, autumn and winter are a great time to visit with a festive air permeating the city. Temperatures aren’t much colder than the year’s start, with average highs at 49 degrees Fahrenheit and lows reaching upper 30s. October through November features Belfast Festival at Queen's, an artsy, University-based festival and the city’s largest. Christmas day and St Stephen’s day on December 26th are most widely celebrated, and what a celebration it is!

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