Bodiam Castle

Bodiam Castle is a lovely relic from the medieval period in England. Found in the East Sussex area, this fourteenth-century structure features sturdy towers with fairy-tale crenellations, and the moat that surrounds the outer walls only adds to the picturesque appeal. Looking at the castle from the outside, you might have little reason to believe that the interior isn't also splendid. Bodiam Castle history sees the structure being slighted in the 1600s, however, and during this dismantling process, the interior rooms and chambers were essentially laid to waste. It's a remarkable contrast, to say the least, and since the castle is open to the public, you can come and check it all out for yourself.

The year 1385 is when Bodiam Castle history got its start. The fortress was built by Sir Edward Dalyngrigge, and it remained a possession of the Dalyngrigge family for quite some time. When the family line became extinct, the medieval castle of Bodiam was passed by marriage to the Lewknor family, and after being confiscated for a brief period in the 1480s, this family retained possession. In the 1600s, John Tufton, who was a supporter of the Royalist cause, came to own Bodiam Castle, though he ultimately sold it in an effort to generate funds for the fines that Parliament had levied against him. Once sold, it was dismantled and has stood in ruins ever since.

People have long treated the medieval castle of Bodiam as a tourist attraction. In fact, it is believed that tourists started coming to the site in the 1770s. Ownership of the castle has passed through various hands since that time, and renovations have been made on more than one occasion. The National Trust, which has owned Bodiam Castle since 1925, is responsible for much of the restoration work, though the castle is still very much in a state of ruin. This does not detract from its romantic appeal, however. Wandering around the interior is almost akin to wandering around the interior of the Colosseum in Rome. You can feel the history of the place and imagine it as it might have been during the glory days.

Should you wish to visit Bodiam Castle, you might be happy to know that it is easy to reach from the English capital of London. In fact, East Sussex and the surrounding area is a popular region to escape to for Londoners, and it should be noted that it features many other great attractions. These attractions include Arundel Castle and Hever Castle. As for Bodiam Castle, it is open daily from mid-February to late October. The rest of the year, it opens to the public on Saturdays and Sundays. The hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. during the peak season, and 10 am to 4 pm during the slower November to mid-February period.

Since Bodiam Castle puts on various events throughout the year, checking the schedule can be a good idea when planning a visit. Also worth highlighting is the castle's museum. You can learn all about Bodiam Castle history in this museum, and among the objects that are on display are pieces of armor and cannonballs that were found when the moat was temporarily drained for excavation purposes.



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