Castle Howard

Castle Howard is one of the grandest private residences that you will find anywhere in the UK. Owned by the Howard family for more than 300 years, this breathtaking structure in North Yorkshire, England was mostly built between the years 1699 and 1712, and it was the 3rd Earl of Carlisle for whom it was originally erected. The building process actually lasted throughout the lifetimes of three different earls, and all of these earls were of the Howard family. You can pay the estate a visit and learn more about Castle Howard history and check out its impressive edifice.

Howard Castle England has a beautiful Baroque design, and should you be fortunate enough to venture inside for a tour, you will be greeted by some stunning interiors. Priceless antiques and furnishings can be found throughout, and the lavish nature of some interior spaces truly hints at the aristocratic Howard family heritage. On a Howard Castle tour, you can inspect bedrooms full of relics, pass through a hall that is full of statues, and stand in the triumphant Great Hall. A rich mix of artwork is found throughout.

As is common with large country houses and castles in England, Castle Howard even has its own chapel, and you might find the old instruments in the Music Room to be of historical interest. There is a lot to see on a tour of this amazing residence, including lovely gardens outside.

Howard Castle England boasts extensive grounds, and parts of these grounds are covered by gardens. The garden foliage is diverse and beautiful and the gardens are open year round. The castle, on the other hand, is open on a daily basis between late March and late October. It also opens on a daily basis for a few weeks in November and December, and generally speaking, 11 a.m. is when visitors can start accessing the grounds. Other facilities at the castle include a playground, cafes, and shops, and the fun doesn't have to stop until the 5 p.m. closing time.

There are many wonderful castles in England, and this is one that certainly deserves a visit when traveling through the North Yorkshire area. This area, as you might suspect, includes the city of York, and it is known for its beautiful landscapes, which only adds to the attractiveness of a Howard Castle visit. While in the area, you might make time for some of the other castles. These castles include Bolton Castle, Richmond Castle, and Scarborough Castle, to name just a few. It's a land that is ripe for scenic drives, and there are plenty of great places to stop.

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