England Castles

Dover Castle England
Dover Castle England

England castles are some of the most famous in world as well as major tourist attractions. Castles have been an important part of life in England since the early days of the Norman conquerors, and have served as defensive strongholds, homes, and historic sites throughout the years. While some tourists come to see the castles England features as the primary focus of their Europe vacation, other travelers hope to visit the castles England has as part of a larger trip. No matter what your particular focus, castles in England are one of the most impressive attractions in England.

Details about some of the most notable castles in England:

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is the largest inhabited stronghold in the world as well as the largest castle to be found in England. Windsor castle is a favorite residence of the current royal family, and has served the purposes of the monarchy since the days of William the Conqueror. Tours of the castle are available daily.


Knole is one of the most unique castles in England. Knole features 365 rooms (one for each day of the year), 52 staircases (weeks in the year), and 7 courts (days of the week). Of England castles with a Tudor theme, Knole is one of the best examples. Tours are available daily.

Hatfield House

England castles all come with fascinating stories, and Hatfield is no different. It was here that Elizabeth I first learned, while playing under a tree, that she had become Queen of England. This is one of the most beautiful resident castles in England, with lovely maintained grounds and exquisite artwork featured inside the castle, where tours are available.

Hever Castle and Gardens

This is one of the England castles that remains a favorite among history lovers. The former home of the famous Anne Boleyn, this castle has since been purchased and restored.

Woburn Abbey

This castle has a Wild Animal Kingdom with one of the most extensive collections of animals in all of England. Woburn Abbey was also one of the castles of England loved by Queen Victoria, and tours of the castle will include a view of her former bedroom.

Thornbury Castle

Thornbury is one of the delightful castle hotels England features. Castle hotels England has to offer generally combine history with modern luxury. The Thornbury Castle is 500 years old, and guests will experience the thrill of walking the same halls as Henry VIII, as well as many other historical kings and queens. Of the castle hotels England offers, Thornbury Castle is one of the oldest, and the only Tudor castle to be opened as a hotel.

Whether you plan to spend the night in an English castle, or simply hope to make a tour of some of the more prominent castles in the country, the castles of England are one of the most fascinating sites in Europe. Tours of the castles of England can be arranged through travel companies, many which combine sightseeing with accommodation and other activities.



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