Cornwall England

Cornwall England is the area that takes up most of the far southwestern tip of the country. In turn, off its western tip (called Land's End) are the beautiful Isles of Scilly with what are arguably the most beautiful of all England beaches. The mainland Cornish coast from about St. Ives north to the town of Bude also has some very beautiful beaches. The coastline along the southern part of Cornwall UK is more rugged and often marked by cliffs.

Cornwall England is recognized as one of the six Celtic nations that include Ireland, the Isle of Man, Scotland, Wales, and Brittany (which is located on the northwestern coast of France). Each of these regions has a distinct cultural identity and some even have unique languages (in this instance, the Cornish language) that are either still spoken or spoken into modern times. There are even unique Cornish foods, including the famous Cornish pasty that is protected by law. Many Cornwall hotels take advantage of the unique culture of this region, including numerous bed and breakfast inns, simple rooms located above historic pubs, and farm-stay accommodations.

One of the major historic industries in Cornwall UK has been metal mining—first of tin in the Middle Ages, and then rich copper mines during the nineteenth century. This was followed by the mining of china clay and slate. Any driving tours through the beautiful Cornish countryside will reveal the ruins of old mines, including ancient stone engine houses, towering smelting smokestacks, tramways, openworks, water wheels, and underground tunnels. This history and landscape is of such cultural value, that the Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Some of the Cornwall hotels that are countryside bed and breakfast inns are located in the former manor homes of wealthy mining magnates, and a number of vacation rentals are cottages once occupied by miners.

The only real Cornwall England city is Truro, which is located in the south-central part of the region and is its administrative center. Important town and villages include Newquay (the surfing capital of the UK), Penzance (yes, of the famous pirates), Redruth (world capital of tin mining), and Tintagel (the legendary birthplace of King Arthur). A branch of the prestigious Tate Gallery of London is located in St. Ives. The village of Veryan is home to Carne Beacon, one of the largest burial mounds, or barrows, in all of Great Britain.

If you want Cornwall hotels that are truly steeped in history, you might want to try Camelot Castle, set in the countryside outside of Tintagel and overlooking the ruins of the twelfth-century castle. The hotel has a truly stunning location on dramatic cliffs and has its own private beach. Its address is simply Tintagel, and it is set on a point just to the west of the village. The village is located halfway along the northern coast of the peninsula, and is about six miles west of the A39 Motorway.

Other Cornwall UK attractions include St. Michael's Mount, which is quite similar to Mont St Michel in Normandy. Its Cornish name is Karrek Loos y'n Koos, meaning "grey rock in the woods," and it is a rocky island just off the coast near Penzance. Today, it is connected to the mainland by a pedestrian causeway. There is an ancient monastery, chapel, and castle atop the rock, and below that is a tiny fishing village. The only major airport is in the town of Newquay, with flights from a several UK cities as well as seasonal flights from Dusseldorf in Germany. Virtually all visitors to this region come by car from elsewhere in the UK.

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