Devon England is an English county characterized by the striking natural beauty of its wild moorland. Situated between the Bristol Channel and the English Channel, Devon is the only county in England to offer two separate coastlines. The dramatic landscapes of this region of England are home to one of the country’s most breathtaking national parks. Devon also lays claim to be the original home of Devonshire, or clotted, cream, a requirement for a proper English tea.


Based on archeological findings, Devon England is thought to have been inhabited for millennia, including prominent roles in many English power struggles, such as the War of the Roses. Throughout these centuries, Devon has been mined for metals. The most notable mined metal was tin, made from a mineral found in granite. Between the 12th and 18th centuries, Devon established its own Stannary Parliament, protecting its vital role in the mining and production of metals, thus giving the area independence to make their own laws. Though mining ceased in the 20th century, archeological remains show the development of mining techniques throughout the region’s history.



The three largest cities in Devon England are Exeter, Plymouth, and Torquay. Exeter is situated along the River Exe and serves as the capital of the county. Exeter once marked the most southwesterly settlement of Roman Britain. Today, visitors come primarily to see Exeter’s stunning 12th century cathedral.

Plymouth is located 37 miles southwest of Exeter. Plymouth is home to the largest concentration of cobbled streets in Britain. It also boasts the island’s deepest aquarium tank at the National Marine Aquarium, as well as 20 war memorials, including the National Armada memorial. Plymouth’s location makes the city an excellent base for visits to Dartmoor National Park and nearby Cornwall.

22 miles south of Exeter, Torquay has been a seaside resort town since the early 19th century. Made popular by vacationing members of the Royal Navy and Victorian high society, Torquay earned the nickname the English Riviera. Visitors enjoy exploring the beaches, tributes to former resident, Agatha Christie, and the archeological finds at Kent’s Cavern.

Dartmoor National Park

Dartmoor National Park
Dartmoor National Park

Devon is perhaps best known as the home of Dartmoor National Park. Comprised of 368 square miles of protected moorland, the rolling hills of the park are made from thick layers of peat covering the largest single deposit of granite in Britain. The park is characterized large hills, called tors, surrounded by rain-soaked bogs and mires. In addition to serving as a protected home to a variety of wildlife, this unique landscape has long preserved many archeological treasures. Among these are numerous stone circles and the largest collection of Bronze Age remains in all of the United Kingdom.

Dartmoor National Park offers a plethora of activities, of which hill walking has long since been the most popular. Annually, thousands of people take part in the Ten Tors Challenge, offering walking routes of varying lengths and difficulties, including Dartmoor’s highest point, High Willhays, at 2,037 feet above sea level. Rock-climbing is also popular throughout the park. The rivers that flow throughout Dartmoor are popular for kayaking, canoeing, and fishing. The park also offers paths for cycling and horseback riding.

Devon England Hotels & Lodging

Devon England Hotels & Lodging
Devon England Hotels & Lodging

Visitors to Devon England have an abundance of lodging options from which to choose. Hotels such as the Victoria in Sydmouth (pictured) offer stately elegance, while bed and breakfasts such as The Elmdene in Torquay pride themselves excellent personal service. Rental cottages and private vacation homes are also available throughout the county for added privacy or larger groups.

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