Dover England is a town in the United Kingdom located on the seaside. For the most part, the town of Dover England is known as a stop along the way for boating and car traffic between France and England. The white cliffs of Dover England are also notable in the town, and are one of the main attractions for visitors to Dover England.

The white cliffs of Dover England retain their white coloring because they are actually comprised of chalk. For many visitors, the novelty of these white cliffs of Dover England is the fodder for great photos and interesting exploration. The white cliffs of Dover have also been noted in various novels and travel guides as one of the main distinguishing features of the town of Dover.

In addition to the white cliffs of Dover, the town is also noted for the Channel Tunnel opened in 1994, which made the white cliffs of Dover accessible to even more visitors traveling between England and France. The opening of the Channel Tunnel, often referred to by locals as the, “Chunnel”, marked an improvement in the economy of Dover. During World War II, the town’s seaside location made it a prime target for multiple bombings. Much of the infrastructure of the town was destroyed during World War II, along with most of the Dover Harbor. The opening of the tunnel has brought renewed interest to the town and the cliffs of Dover.

If you are planning a trip to the United Kingdom, the cliffs of Dover are worth exploring if you plan to drive through the town. Although the area is not a booming tourist location, it is a good place to stay if you need a break on the road or simply want to stop off to stretch your legs while traversing the area. If you do plan to visit the cliffs of Dover, you might also plan a stop at Dover Castle, where you can continue to explore the history of the area.

Prices in Dover are reasonable, and of course trips to the cliffs will be free of charge. If you plan to stay the night, there are not an abundance of hotels, but what is available is reasonably inexpensive. As with many areas in the United Kingdom, the town of Dover is full of interesting United Kingdom history and great information about this fascinating part of the world.

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