Dover Castle

Sometimes referred to as the, “Key to England”, Dover castle is found in the seaside town of Dover, England. The nickname for the castle comes from the history of Dover castle, which has included scenes from almost every period in the United Kingdom’s long account. Dover castle is today, along with the white cliffs of Dover, one of the main tourist attractions to the town.

The history of Dover castle actually begins as far back as the Iron Age, when the site itself was likely used as a fortress before the arrival of the Romans. Dover castle as we know it today was first built up during the reign of Henry II, although of course many additions and changes have taken place over the years. William the Conqueror first took notice of the area in 1066 as he made his way through Dover and Canterbury to Westminster Abbey for his coronation.

The history of Dover castle during the Tudor era included improvements to the structure, which had been attacked multiple times, though unsuccessfully. In the seventeenth century, Dover castle England actually fared well during the English Civil War. Somehow, Dover castle England was held, and a battle never broke out on the site despite the many troops stationed in and around it. Dover castle England was held for the current king during the war.

Dover castle history goes on to reflect major reconstruction of the structure during the eighteenth century, during the wars with Napoleon. Most of the defenses were improved, and new barracks were added to house additional soldiers. In addition to the new barracks above ground, a series of underground tunnels were added to house and keep soldiers, and were actually able to hold up to 2,000 men at one time.

The tunnels would prove to play a continued role in Dover castle history. During the Second World War, the tunnels were used as secret operations rooms, where telephone and radio communications could be sent out without detection. Dover Castle history also goes on to show that the underground tunnels were used as an underground hospital and command center. Today, visitors to Dover can tour the castle and see a reconstruction of the World War II tunnel scenario. The castle is officially owned by the English Heritage group and remains a great place for tourists to come and visit. The official head of the castle is the Lord Ports, who also acts as the Constable of Dover Castle

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