Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland and one of the larger cities in Western Europe. Many hail the city of Edinburgh as the cultural center of Scotland (though others might make a case for Glasgow). With a population of about half a million people, Edinburgh Scotland is able to maintain a laid back pace and is a welcoming city for tourists. Though the city itself has a long and bloody history, the Edinburgh of today is peaceful and quite beautiful. No matter what brings you to Edinburgh Scotland, you be sure to discover a plethora of activities and sites.

Perhaps the most popular Edinburgh attraction is Edinburgh castle, a famous Scottish castle. Edinburgh castle rests atop the Castle Rock in the center of the city of Edinburgh Scotland. Castle Rock has been a major site for military forces of many civilizations, since about 900 AD. As one of the major strongholds of independent Scotland, Edinburgh castle is fully of history and meaning for the Scots. Most of the current structure was built in 1574, however one chapel in the castle dates back to the twelfth century.

Another popular Edinburgh attraction is the area of the city referred to as Old Town. Old Town is at the heart of the city, where you"ll find Edinburgh castle, and has many other popular places to see. Some excellent restaurants and Scottish hotels can be found in Old Town, as well as some of the oldest architecture in the city.

Just across the valley and slightly to the North is the area of Edinburgh known as New Town. For the most part, New Town was constructed in the late eighteenth century and features wider roads for strolling and driving then Old Town, as well as a nice selection of shops and traditional eateries.

During the summer, the most popular Edinburgh attraction is the Edinburgh Festival, which has grown to be the United Kingdom"s largest arts festival. Each August, thousands of travelers take a flight to Edinburgh to be a part of this intriguing and famous festival. Music, dance, and many other activities will line the streets of the city for a full four weeks. If busy crowds aren"t your cup of tea, however, you"ll find that the best rates for Edinburgh hotels and other attractions can be found when the festival isn"t going on.

Travelers to Scotland and the United Kingdom will notice that there are many dialects of English spoken in the UK, and even varying dialects spoken within one country. Scotland is no exception, and travelers will find that the residents of Edinburgh have their own special dialect. Travelers will also find, though, that Edinburgh is one of the most welcoming European cities for tourists and a great place to take a vacation.

Getting to Edinburgh for your vacation can be as fun as your stay. A cruise to the city might be a great way to see the coast and other parts of the UK as well. A flight to Edinburgh can be booked through most major airlines or their partners. For the best deals on a cheap flight to Edinburgh, avoid flying during the Edinburgh Festival in the summer.

As the capital of Scotland since 1437, Edinburgh has seen the changing of its leaders throughout its long history, and yet has managed to retain an incredible amount of cultural identity and independence. The former home and birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots attracts more then 13 million tourists every year, and is the second most visited tourist destination in the United Kingdom. Despite all of the fanfare, however, Edinburgh is still one of the most beautiful cities in the world and certainly in Europe.

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