Edinburgh Hostels

The capital city of Scotland is the perfect place to combine an interest in Anglo-Saxon history with modern attractions, including everything from castles such as the Edinburgh Castles, to bars and pubs serving up specialty beers. If your vacation destination is Edinburgh, it is worth looking into prices and accommodation amenities for Edinburgh hostels.

Due to the fact that Edinburgh is such an old city, a hostel in Edinburgh could just as easily be found in the ancient guesthouse of a former castle as it could be in a newly constructed building. The City Centre Guest House is an example of the former. Not only is the building built up from the rubble of an actual guesthouse of the Edinburgh Castle, but it is just steps away from that most famous of attractions, the castle itself. The Guest House Edinburgh Hostel also has some helpful amenities for the traveler, including clean linens and blankets, towels, and 24-hour in and out access. While some cities such as Berlin or Rome tend to include breakfast with a hostel stay, this is not the norm for Edinburgh hostels. True to form, the Guest House Edinburgh Hostel does not include breakfast. Rates range from 16 pounds per night to just less than 60. The hostel has large dorms and private rooms, though all guests use shared bathrooms.

With private rooms going for as low as 30 pounds per person, and dorms for as low as 15, Budget Backpackers is a great deal for travelers. The Budget Backpacker Edinburgh Hostel focuses on travelers by offering free tours of the city and free lockers for storing personal belongings. This Edinburgh youth hostel is also quite new, so the accommodations feel fresh and clean. Guests must be at least 17 years old to stay at this hostel in Edinburgh, and the hostel does not welcome Stag or Hen parties.

If you are wondering what a Stag or Hen party is, you are not alone. Unique to Edinburgh hostels is the Stag and/or Hen party. These names refer to groups of guys or groups of girls that book their hostel stays together, basically taking over a dorm room for the night. This is an increasingly popular way to book an Edinburgh youth hostel, and there are even hostels specializing in organizing activities for Stag and Hen parties. Generally, Stag and Hen parties will be as inexpensive as staying at a hostel for the night, sometimes with extra activities thrown in that the traveler will pay for themselves, such as going to a nightclub or restaurant as a group. These Edinburgh youth hostel parties are most popular with the younger traveling crowd.

Whether you choose to party hard at your hostel in Edinburgh, or gravitate toward the quieter Edinburgh hostels, you shouldn’t expect to pay more than 60 pounds at the most, and prices can be as low as 12 pounds per night. Edinburgh also has a nice mix of hostels with separate dorms for men and women for travelers hoping to find a bit more privacy.

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