Hotels in Edinburgh

Edinburgh hotels are more then abundant in this popular Scottish city. Youth hostels, castles and luxurious spas and resorts can all be found in the extensive collection of Edinburgh hotels. Since Edinburgh is popular for so many things, including golf, hiking and castle-touring, travelers will want to book as far in advance as possible. During the summer, the popular Edinburgh Festival takes place and just about every Edinburgh hotel will be full. If you plan to travel to Edinburgh during the festival be sure to book your room well in advance.

Historic hotels in Edinburgh

Historic hotels in Edinburgh are nearly impossible to miss. The Witchery is housed is one of Scotland's oldest castles and is one of the most romantic and elegant Edinburgh hotels. The Old Waverly is another of the oldest and most historic hotels in Edinburgh. The Old Waverly first opened its doors in 1848 to celebrate the arrival of trains to Scotland and Edinburgh. Since then, the rooms and lounges have certainly been updated and this elegant Edinburgh hotel remains a favorite among travelers looking for a historic hotel.

Luxury Edinburgh Hotels

One of the most popular 5-star, luxury Edinburgh Hotels is the Edinburgh Residence. Long known for its stunning restoration of a centuries old building, this is one of the most elegant Edinburgh hotels, and one of the most expensive. Guests may want to travel during the off season to take advantage of lower rates or check out one of the hotel's sister properties. Three sister properties; the Bonham, the Howard, and Channings, can all be found among the most popular luxury Edinburgh hotels. Although these hotels can be on the pricey side, guests will get what they pay for. Excellent service and gorgeous surrounding make luxury hotel stays in Edinburgh a delight.

Cheap Hotels in Edinburgh

Cheap hotels in Edinburgh are as readily available as their luxurious counterparts. Youth hostels and other cheap hotels in Edinburgh are spread throughout the city. Many of the most popular cheap hotels in Edinburgh are actually located in the heart of the city, or at least within walking distance of popular pubs and other city activities. Many of these hotels are also located in renovated buildings that are centuries old. The charm of the old world is still present in many of these less expensive hotels, and for the most part, rooms are private and quite clean.

Whether you plan to spend your time in Edinburgh at pubs, shopping, visiting a golf course or taking a walking tour, you'll likely need to book a place to stay. Finding the right sort of accommodation to fit your travel needs will create the perfect backdrop to your Scottish vacation. For the best deals, book your stay well in advance and be sure to plan your Edinburgh stay around the popular Edinburgh Festival- you'll need to book early to get a room in August. Check online or with a travel companies for discounted travel packages that combine airfare with accommodation costs.

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