As the largest country in the United Kingdom, England is also the most populous and its residents make up more then 80 percent of the entire population of the United Kingdom. Full of history and a welcome place for tourists, vacations in England have long been a popular choice for travelers looking for a place to get away. Tourist attractions in England range from iconic castles, to massive palaces, to modern monuments. No matter how travelers spend their vacations in England, they are usually surrounded by centuries old architecture and traditions.

The group that came to be known as the Anglo-Saxons settled England in the eighth century. It was at this time that many of the territories, whose names still persist to this day, were established. Areas such as Dumbarton, York, Dorchester, Dover, and more still make up the districts of modern day England. Later in the eleventh century, the Anglo-Saxons were conquered by the Normans, crowning William the Conqueror king in 1066 at a ceremony in Westminster Abbey, where succeeding kings and queens of the UK have been coroneted ever since.

Today, vacations in England often center on visiting some of the historic buildings and cathedrals that make England so unique. England is of course home to the busy city of London, and the country has its fair share of incredible landmarks. Some of the most popular tourist attractions in England include Windsor Castle, Canterbury Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, and the London Zoo. Vacations in England also often include such tourist attraction in England as wide spread English castle or wine tours. England vacation packages meant for travelers with touring in mind are widely available.

If you find the great outdoors calling to you once you reach England, you may choose to visit the Lake District or Hyde Park. The Lake District is a protected area in England with miles upon miles of walking trails and pubs all along the way to wet a dry pallet. Hyde Park can be found in the heart of London and features many historical monuments of its own. England has maintained its forests and shores relatively well over the years, and heading into the wild can be a satisfying experience.

Shopping is often a priority to guests of England. As one of the major fashion capitals of the world, London shopping will meet the needs of even the most enthusiastic shop-a-holic. Even the smaller towns in England will usually have a nice selection of shops and outdoor markets to peruse for clothing and souvenirs. If shopping makes you hungry, England also has some really excellent places to eat. Many restaurants are even influenced by international flavors from neighbors France and India, and tourists will be delighted by the wide array of local and international foods.

If you are hoping to travel to England during a dry season, you may be out of luck. The climate is temperate but fairly wet throughout the year. Summers will be warmer, of course, and you may want to look into England vacation packages for the summer. England vacation packages can also include cruise trips, which is another great way to see the area. Some tourists even book a cruise that sails over to Wales or up towards Scotland.

However you decide to organize your vacation in England, this is sure to be a memorable trip. From plenty of outdoor fun to a concentration of some of the most iconic historical sites in the entire world, England attractions offer a little something for everyone.

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