Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and represents one of the oldest settlements in Western Europe. Saint Mungo officially settled the city of Glasgow in the 6th century when a community built up around what is now Glasgow Cathedral. Glasgow grew to be worldwide contender in the 16th century when it became a major trade port and is located on the River Clyde. By the 19th century, Glasgow Scotland was the main source of train and ship production in the world. Although Glasgow Scotland saw a major economical decline after the two world wars of the 20th century, tourism and business have emerged as the cities financial mainstays.

Glasgow is a major cultural center for Scotland and the United Kingdom, and Glasgow hotels are among the finest in the country. Many travelers heading to Glasgow Scotland plan to do some sightseeing, and Glasgow hotels provide the perfect jumping-off spot. Many of the best deals in Glasgow hotels can be found right in the heart of the city in some of the smaller, locally owned Glasgow hotels. Another popular way to make a stay in Glasgow is in one of the lovely Scottish castle hotels, which combine history and modern luxury.

Named the European City of Culture for 1990, Glasgow has left behind its rough and violent reputation to embrace the arts. One of the most appealing things to do in Glasgow is to visit a museum. The University of Glasgow houses some amazing art collections, including work from James McNeill Whistler and Charles Rennie Mackintosh. The Glasgow Science Center is another favorite among travelers, and families in particular. The Science Centered has four floors of exhibits, as well as an IMAX theatre. The Glasgow International art fair also takes place every April.

The city center in Glasgow is a quick trip from the Glasgow Airport. The downtown area is organized around a series of grids, and transportation through the city by bus is very convenient. Shopping in the theatre district is one of the most popular downtown actives. George Square is home to many of the city"s statues and the city chambers. Shopping malls and excellent restaurants surround George Square.

If outdoor pursuits are more your style, you"ll be happy to note that Glasgow has plenty of excellent golf courses. Golfing in Glasgow offers something for everyone, from the beginner to the most experienced golfers. You can obtain clubs in the city if you don"t want to have to lug your own overseas.

Deciding when to go to Glasgow is generally simple. The climate will be rainy and cold just about the entire year. During the summer, you"ll still experience a wet climate, but since Scotland is so far north, you"ll be in for some long days. Whether you plan a flight to Glasgow or even take a cruise from some other coastal town, there really isn"t a bad time to visit Glasgow. The Glasgow Airport is conveniently located and many hotels offer airport shuttles.

No matter what brings you to Glasgow - the castles, the history, the architecture, or the gorgeous scenery, you"ll certainly never encounter another city in the world quite like Glasgow. Natives are known as Glaswegians, and have a dialect that can be found nowhere else. The people are welcoming and the city is lovely.



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