Golf in Scotland

Golf has been a popular sport in Scotland ever since the monks of St. Andrews cathedral began chasing a small ball around with clubs hundreds of years ago. Although it took a few intervening years for the sport to gain national recognition, by the 18th century golf was a national pass time for the Scots. Today, Scotland has more then 400 golf courses spread throughout the entire country, with special features like golf packages in the Highlands of Scotland. The courses range from minimally supervised, pay on the honor system, to exclusive clubs that require tee time reservations up to a year in advance.

Beginning golfers will want to be aware that some courses will not allow players on the course who don't have a full command of the game and its rules. You may even be asked to demonstrate your ability or provide a letter from a golfing club back home that is familiar with your mastery.

Golf packages in the Highlands of Scotland are widely available for golfing enthusiasts of every level. Theses rules are enforced at the more exclusive clubs, however, and there are plenty of courses without such rules (or supervision of any kind). Golf packages in the Highlands of Scotland are a great way to spend a vacation. The Highlands, along with the Islands Region, comprise almost half the landmass of Scotland and feature every level of course. Inverness, Fortrose, and Durness are some of the most popular Highlands golf courses, and many are locate near a resort and spa, or hotel. Golf breaks in the Highlands of Scotland can be packaged with hotel stays. Bundling your accommodation plans with golf breaks in the Highlands of Scotland will not only save money - you'll also find that you will have a better chance of getting your desired tee time.

Although golf breaks in the Highlands of Scotland are a favorite among travelers, there are also golf courses located in just about every area of the country, and the golf breaks Scotland features can be enjoyable anywhere. North of Glasgow, tourists will find Loch Lomond, an exclusive golf course that hosts the Scottish Open each year. If watching Scotland golf sounds appealing, it might be fun to get tickets to the Open, but be aware that they must be purchased far in advance and can be difficult to obtain.

Yet, another popular spot for the best golf breaks Scotland offers is Edinburgh. The golf breaks Scotland features in the city of Edinburgh combine the history of a gorgeous city with some lovely golf courses. Brunstfield Links is a great place for the beginning golfer, while the well-known Siverknowes Golf Course is the perfect spot for a Scotland golf expert. Either way, if you have your heart set on the chance to golf Scotland you"ll want to reserve your tee time as far in advance as you possibly can. Scotland golf is a popular, and sometimes exclusive, attraction.

Unless you'll be staying at a hotel, you'll be on your own for transportation to the various courses. For anyone making an independent tour of area golf courses, a rental car can make travel quite convenient. Golf course fees will vary depending on the course, with some courses sporting minimal supervision and honor-system pay boxes.

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