The town of Guernsey refers to an island in the English Channel, and as such is part of the Channel Islands. The history of Guernsey can be traced back as far as 6,000 BC, and as such the area is literally covered in fascinating historical attractions. The Bailiwick of Guernsey includes the island of Guernsey itself, as well as other nearby islands. Guernsey is split into ten parishes.

From its earliest days, the Guernsey Channel Islands have been inhabited by humans. Today, travelers can still view many of the early religious structures put in place by Neolithic farmers in the Guernsey Channel Islands area. It is widely thought that although today Guernsey is an island, it was once a peninsula connected to the mainland.

Control of Guernsey changed hands over the years, but has been under British rule for hundreds of years. In the nineteenth century, the islands grew both in prosperity and popularity, as many of Britain’s primary entrepreneurs moved to the area. During World War II, Guernsey was occupied by German troops, and the island is the site of the only concentration camp to be built on British soil. Today, tourists can view a memorial at this site.

If you do plan to visit the Channel Islands, you might be interested in cheap flights to Guernsey. In general, the best deals on cheap flights to Guernsey will be found on flights from London. Cheap flights to Guernsey from London will most often be found during the week, as weekend travel is more popular and thus more expensive. You can also try booking your flight to the islands with your hotel stay and a rental car if you choose to rent a car while staying on the islands. This can often be a great way to receive a discount on them all. If you fly to Guernsey from another area in Europe, you will likely connect through London.

When planning to explore Guernsey on your own, it can be of great help to get a good Guernsey map. Since the term Guernsey is usually used to refer to the Bailiwick, a good Guernsey map will generally show the entire area. You can also find a helpful Guernsey map which shows more specific locations in the town of Guernsey for your vacation or drive through town. Many of the interesting sites in Guernsey, including the Guernsey Museum and the Guernsey Saint Peter Port interest travelers because of the United Kingdom history that is revealed when visiting them.

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