Priaulx Library

The Priaulx Library is located on the Island of Guernsey in the British Channel Islands. The Priaulx Library was originally found in a home known as the Candie House, which was donated to the town of Guernsey by Osmond de Beauvoir Priaulx. In 1871 Osmond offered to donate his large collection of books and less than 20 years later, the Candie House became the Priaulx Library. Osmond's urn remains on view in the library, following his wishes.

Although you won’t be able to check out books from the Priaulx Library as a visitor, you can take a tour to view records of the island if you are interested. Some travelers include a trip to the library as art of their Channel Island tour of the area. Also of note on a Channel Island tour is the Victor Hugo House, the town of St Peter Port, and the Guernsey Museum. It is possible to book a Channel Island tour of the entirety of the British Channel Islands. If you do plan such a tour, you can plan to leave from the mainland, or head straight to Guernsey Island and leave on your cruise tour from there.

However you choose to enjoy the Channel Islands, the Priaulx Library can be a fun stop on your tour. The library is open Monday through Saturday during the day (9:30am - 5pm), and is closed on holidays. It is free to visit the library, and though you cannot check out books as a tourist, you can of course browse them when you are visiting. The library is also a great community center, housing information about area transportation, tours and other island activities.

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