Guernsey Saint Peter Port

The town of St Peter Port acts as the main port of Guernsey Island, and is also the capital of Guernsey in the Channel Islands. Due to the history of the Channel Islands and their close proximity to France, the official language of St Peter Port has historically been French, a surprise to many travelers since the island is actually a possession of the United Kingdom.

The town of St Peter Port is a bustling community of just over 16,000 people, and is found on the eastern side of Guernsey Island. Guernsey St Peter Port is close to the towns of St Sampson, Vale, St Andrew and St Martin. Like many of these surrounding towns, Guernsey St Peter Port is a both a town and a parish of Guernsey.

One of the main features of Guernsey St Peter Port is its striking landscape which makes for some of the best views in the Channel Islands. The harbor of St Peter Port Guernsey is quite low, located just at sea level. From the harbor, the land moves quickly to a much higher elevation, and this has made for some striking cliffs along the coast of St Peter Port Guernsey, which are excellent spots for viewing and tourist activity.

St Peter Port Guernsey is also the site of the Victor Hugo House, known officially as the Hauteville House. Victor Hugo is widely known as the French exiled author who penned the classic, Les Misérables, among other novels. When Victor was exiled, he came to the Hauteville House to live. Today, the house is a museum owned and operated by the Paris city government in St Peter Port Guernsey.

There are also other buildings and attractions of note in St Peter Port England. The Royal Court House, which is the main meeting place for the Bailiwick government, is also located in St Peter Port England, as is the Town Church which is housed in an historic chapel building. Castle Cornet is also located in St Peter Port England, and in years past has been the main fortress to protect the town and the island. Elizabeth College, founded by Queen Elizabeth I in 1563, is also found in the town of St Peter Port. In addition to the many attractions in town, the harbor of St Peter Port is also the sailing point for many of the most well-known Channel Island cruise trips In the area.

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