Barbican Centre

Barbican Centre music ranges from world-famous classical music to experimental jazz and rock performances. It is the permanent home of two orchestras: the resident orchestra, the London Symphony Orchestra, and its associate orchestra, the BBC Symphony Orchestra. Besides being the largest multi-arts and conference venue in Europe, the Barbican London is known around the world in classical circles as the performance house for some of the best musicians anywhere to be found. Classical performances at the Barbican Centre have included the likes of not only the London Symphony Orchestra, but also those of its elite counterparts including Vienna, New York, and Cleveland. Solo performances at the Barbican Concert Hall London in the classical arena have included such superstars as Yo-Yo Ma, Alfred Brendel, and Maxim Vengerov.

There is also a whole different world of more contemporary performances that take place at the Barbican Centre. The best and hottest acts in the world of contemporary jazz, rock, pop, and electronica find their ways to the fabled stages of the Barbican London. One of the hottest tickets in town is for a performance by the legendary London Symphony Orchestra, but the avant-garde, contemporary performances are a draw for the younger variety of theatre goers, musicians, and art lovers living in the likes of Bloomsbury, Kensington, Fenchurch Street, and Islington.

Perhaps the most pervasive appeal of the Barbican Centre among London residents and tourists interested in the performing arts is the wide variety of concerts given. On one night at the Barbican London you may have seen the Vienna Symphony Orchestra while on another you have the pleasure of catching a rousing performance by the African Soul Rebels. The variety is truly staggering and certainly designates the Barbican Centre as one of the most vital centers for culture in this part of London. It is perfectly located just minutes by train, and not much farther on foot, to Bloomsbury, Soho, Kensington, and virtually all of central London and its various attractions.

If you are heading to London and are intent upon seeing concerts at the Barbican Centre, you may want to consider an accommodation in the area. It is possible to find relatively inexpensive hotels especially considering the ease and convenience in getting to what you may call downtown to the area of Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, and Kensington Palace. And, the area in which the Barbican Centre is located (roughly equidistant from Islington, Shoreditch, and Fenchurch Street) is a fantastic place to stay. You are easily within walking distance of not only other attractions such as the British Museum in Bloomsbury, but also shopping epicenters like those on Oxford Street and Shaftesbury Avenue.

If you see one of the concerts at the Barbican Centre you are sure to have a memorable experience. It is a theatre and performance hall that is known around the world for hosting some of the most notable acts in all of classical music. As such it remains one of the most well-respected and popular tourist attractions in London. You can get tickets at the box office or by ordering online or over the phone.

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