Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf is a popular shopping destination in the East London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Canary Wharf features three of London’s tallest buildings as well, One Canada Square (known locally as Canary Wharf), 8 Canada Square, and Citigroup Centre. It is located in the southern part of Tower Hamlets on the site of the West India Docks. This part of London is known as the Isle of Dogs. It is simply an area of land that is bordered to the south, east, and west by the Thames River. The variety of stores and the options for shopping at Canary Wharf are virtually limitless. In a city where there are seemingly more shopping districts than pigeons, Canary Wharf remains one of the most popular. There are also a number of nice hotels near Canary Wharf London, making it a popular destination site for tourists and people traveling from other parts of the UK for a day or two of shopping.

And shopping at Canary Wharf is not the only thing to do. The Canary Wharf ice rink is a popular attraction and is open every year from November 14 through February 21. Tickets to skate the Canary Wharf ice rink are very affordable and if you plan to travel to London in the winter time, this could provide an ideal romantic experience for you and your partner or on the other hand could be a fun snow filled day of fun for the whole family.

The biggest appeal remains the shopping at Canary Wharf, with over 200 stores, restaurants, bars, and cafes, this is one of the retail epicenters of London. There are actually three separate shopping malls at Canary Wharf that offer everything from high-end, designer clothing to electronics and home furnishings and décor. Canary Wharf is home to the single largest health club in all of Europe, the Reebok Sports Club London. Here you will find every imaginable kind of workout gear, equipment, facilities, and supplements. Marks and Spencer Food also makes its residence at the Canary Wharf complex. Among the designer outlets are a number of other more affordable shops and a whole host of independent retailers and specialty stores and markets.

Another one of the big appeals of Canary Wharf is that it is located in an part of town a bit off the beaten path, but as you do your research you will notice that it is just a few train stops from the Tower of London, Clerkenwell and Bloomsbury, Covent Garden, Soho, and Kensington. All of these places are just a few miles away. You soon see that you are within close proximity of central London and all of its attractions. Whether you are planning to go shopping at Canary Wharf or are just making a visit to the Canary Wharf Ice Rink, you will have a fun time at this vibrant shopping district in London.

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