London Castles

London castles are some of the most famous landmarks in this longstanding city in Western Europe. The history of London is intricately bound to the greater history of Britain as a whole, and an exploration of the castles in London provides some insight into the development and progress of the early nation. London palaces are some of the most awe-inspiring sights in a city that is full of visually stunning attractions. If you are planning a visit to London, you should strongly consider setting aside some time to check out the various palaces in London, whether you see one or all of them.

Windsor Castle is perhaps the most famous of all the London castles in terms of is centuries-long affiliation with the Royal Family. Windsor Castle was built as more of a residence than other well-known castles in London, including the Tower of London, which served more so as a military outpost or a fortress. Windsor has been the place of residence for members of the English Monarchy for eight centuries, a mark not even approached by any other notable Royal residences. It is located in the County of Berkshire and is the single largest inhabited castle in the world.

The Palace of Westminster (also the Houses of Parliament) stand out among all of the other London palaces as perhaps the most stunningly beautiful as well as one of the most historically significant. Parliament has been meeting here since the thirteenth century, and it was a place of residence for royalty until much of it burned in a massive fire in 1512. The rebuilding process gave us the Perpendicular Gothic construct that we see today. The Palace of Westminster along with Westminster Abbey and St. Margaret’s Church are quintessential on any trip to London.

Kensington Palace is another of the most famous London palaces. It is located in Kensington Gardens in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Members of the British Royal Family have lived here since the seventeenth century. Today the palace is used by Prince Harry and the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, as well as other members of the Royal Family. Princess Diana lived here until the time of her death in 1997. If you are visiting London, you can take tours of the State Rooms and get a look inside this fabled palace. It is without a doubt one on the most famous of all the London palaces.

Of course the most well known of the London castles and palaces is Buckingham Palace. Among the castles in London, it is perhaps the best known and easily the most frequently visited. Perhaps this is just because of its central location in the City of Westminster nearby many of the other popular London attractions. But once you visit Buckingham Palace, you will realize that the size and scope of the castle would make it a hotspot for tourists no matter where it was located. Originally built as a townhouse for the Duke of Buckingham in 1703, the castle has since been remodeled and added onto many times to get to its present state today. Other notable castles and palaces of interest in London include St. James Palace, Hampton Court, Lambeth Palace, and Eltham Palace.

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