Covent Garden

Covent Garden is a vibrant district and a center for culture and the arts in Westminster. Besides being the home of the Covent Garden Market and the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden is also a very popular destination for shopping and entertainment. Covent Garden is nearby such London districts as High Holborn, Kingsway, and Soho. Charring Cross Round demarcates the western perimeter with the Strand to the south. The district is perfectly located within close proximity of many popular London attractions and districts. It is an easy walk to Bloomsbury or the shopping districts on Oxford Street and Shaftesbury Avenue to the west. There are a whole host of hotels near Covent Garden as well.

The Covent Garden Market is one of the most popular destinations for residents of London, but should not be confused with the Apple Market and Jubilee Market that are actually located in Covent Garden. The giant produce and flower market (known locally as the London Larder) is located in the Nine Elms area and is not a part of Covent Garden the district. It is actually located just south of the Thames where the Chelsea Embankment becomes Grosvenor Road, between Battersea, Lambeth, and Vauxhall. It is definitely a sight to see and an important center for the service industry in London. Many food producers, chefs, restaurants, and hotels come here to purchase fresh and locally farmed produce at this wholesale market.

The shopping in the district of Covent Garden offers far more than just one market. There are a range of shops, restaurants, bars, and markets that cater to the crowds of locals and tourists that gather in Covent Garden regularly. As you stroll through the markets, you have the option of having a meal or a coffee or tea at one of the outdoor establishments. Visiting London in the summer and early fall is a fantastic time for exploring these kinds of venues. The Apple Market in Covent Garden sells everything from antiques to homewares, and the Jubilee Market sells everything from clothing to arts and crafts. Both are best experienced in the warmth of summer or the temperate fall when you have time to leisurely walk through the open air portions of the markets. Go see the center of the Covent Garden market district and experience one of the favorite sights of London’s residents.

The options for accommodations and entertainment in Covent Garden are also virtually limitless. From sophisticated performances by some of the world’s most renowned theatrical actors to the entertaining Covent Garden street performers, there are always things to see here.

After you have taken in a performance or maybe even just hung out around at some of the bars after a nice meal, you will want to find one of the hotels near Covent Garden that suits you. Once again, you have plenty of options. From chic, designer boutique hotels to luxurious accommodations, there is a range of hotels near Covent Garden that should please you. Book as far in advance as you can as the accommodations in this popular district fill up quickly and the prices increase the longer you wait. Covent Garden is a great place for shopping, theatre, entertainment, and dining. It is one of London’s most vibrant and centrally located districts.

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