London Restaurants

London restaurants are abundant in this capital city of England where over 300 languages are spoken and a wide range of ethnicities are represented. The best restaurants in London feature the finest cuisine from these various traditions. And fine dining in London is only one part of the city’s culinary and gastronomic composition. From some of the finest and most highly rated restaurants in Europe to neighborhood pubs and eateries where you can find an excellent bowl of soup, homemade curry, or a classic favorite, a hot jacket pocket (baked potato), you are sure to find food in London to suit everyone’s tastes.

It is hard to judge exactly which are the best restaurants in London largely because of the sheer number of them. This is perhaps why most London food guides and reviewers rank the best restaurants in London for atmosphere, the best for value, the best for location, and so on. It also depends on what kind of food and experience you are looking to have on that particular occasion.

There are fabulous restaurants located in Grosvenor Square just a couple of blocks south of Oxford Street near the Bond Street tunnel. This is one of the areas in town where you will discover some of the high end, fine dining restaurants in London. You will find a wide range of delightful culinary treats and modern international dishes from menus crafted by some of the most sought after chefs in the world. Many of these excellent restaurants feature wine lists that are quite simply amazing.

There are a variety of stunning establishments where you can enjoy fine dining in London at its very best. The areas in and around Central London including Westminster and Kensington feature very elaborate restaurants and clubs that serve the finest in international cuisine. One such place in this area is the The St. James Hotel and Club which features two excellent restaurants. The lavishness is too much for some but just right for others. A night out at a place like the St. James may be the perfect option for splurging on the last night of your vacation. There are many more such places just waiting for you to discover them.

There are also many places in the city where you can just find good old comfort food, British style. The city is not nearly as well known as places such as Paris or Rome for a particular kind of cuisine, but rather offers a range of dishes and kinds of food that are representative of the multicultural population of the city.

Whether you are looking for fine dining in London or just a great carry out place where you can get hot food on the go in an area of town where you are planning to stay, you will have unlimited options at your disposal. Trek into the various boroughs and districts of London to get a feel for the cultural diversity alive in the city and try the many different varieties of food at as many of the London restaurants as you can. The city and its diverse cuisine are yours to explore.

Image: VisitLondonImages/Pawel Libera

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