Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols is a world-famous department store chain whose flagship store is located in the Knightsbridge area of London. It was originally founded in 1813 as a small linen shop and did not take the form it has today in Knightsbridge until the 1880s. Shopping at Harvey Nichols London is one of the highlights of the Knightsbridge district. It is considered a shopping destination for younger people as compared to the slightly older demographic that trends towards its main competitor, Harrods. This remains true even though the prices at Harvey Nichols are generally thought to be more expensive. If you are visiting London, consider heading down to Sloan Street in Knightsbridge to check out one of the most popular shopping attractions in the UK. Harvey Nichols has a number of stores including outlets in Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester, and Leeds, but the London store is the first and most notable of the entire lot.

And there is far more to this chic and upscale department store than just shopping. You can enjoy a range of treatments at the Harvey Nichols Spa or even have tea at Harvey Nichols. The spa staffs a highly trained group of doctors, cosmetologists, aestheticians, and stylists that help ensure that every service and treatment is done with the utmost care. You can go to the Harvey Nichols Spa for laser hair removal, a skin analysis, treatments for fine lines and wrinkles, and many other treatments. A salon is also on the fourth floor with the spa and includes a full hair salon, nair bar, beauty rooms for facials and massage, and much more. When you experience the Harvey Nichols Spa you will be hard pressed to even imagine being more pampered at another place.

The Harvey Nichols Food Market is another extremely popular aspect of the store. The Fifth Floor restaurant (located on the fifth floor) is the spot for a sumptuous and artfully crafted meal by Chef Jonas Karlsson. Many of the dishes employ fresh produce, herbs, spices, and other ingredients from the adjoining Harvey Nichols Food Market. For a change of pace from the elegance of the Fifth Floor Restaurant try the Fifth Floor Café that features a more casual setting and a rooftop terrace. It is well worth noting that there are some 750 bottles of wine from all over the world on the list at the Fifth Floor. Another aspect of the overall pampered and luxurious experience is the ability to try most of these excellent wines by the glass.

Personal shopping is another big draw for the clientele at Harvey Nichols. You can sit back and allow one of the qualified and experienced professionals help you pick out the perfect outfit for a special occasion, which can remove much of the headache for a choosy socialite with limited time. Whether you are heading to London as a tourist and simply want to check out Harvey Nichols to see what it is all about or you are a resident who regularly visits the store, the shopping experience at this expansive, upscale department store in Knightsbridge will not disappoint.

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