History of Windsor Castle

History of Windsor castle is rich and interesting and full of surprising facts. It’s believed that the site of the castle is one that was once built in the area which the Romans and Celts also built on, favored for it’s hilltop location and excellent protective qualities. It is said that Windsor Castle occupies the very same land where King Arthus once lived in a Celtic-built camp. The original construction of Windsor Castle include a very simple motte and bailey, which is a fenced area topping a man-made hill. This motte and bailey was built for William the Conqueror in around 1080. Subsequently, more of the castle was constructed. It became an important component of a defense system built around London. It grew into a populated Royal home for the excellent hunting known to be found in the forest nearby.

Over the passing centuries, the history of Windsor Castle evolved as did the foundations of it. King Henry II was the original recipient of The Round Tower, built especially for him while the outer castle wall was constructed. By around the year 1830, the castle we can see today was in existence, and was considered a true favorite of Queen Victoria, who protected it. Few changes have been made to the final look of the castle, presented in 1830 with the exception of the time of the Windsor Castle fire in 1992.

On November 20, 1992, the history of Windsor Castle was forever changed. The Private Royal Chapel was ablaze, a fire thought to be started by a spotlight used by the workmen. The entire ceiling was made of wooden paneling, a material that caught and spread fire easily and quickly and burned on for hours before it was extinguished. The extent of the damage included the gutting of several castle rooms, with flames and smoke visible for miles. Since the fire the castle has been restored to its pre-blaze condition.

Today, Windsor Castle tours are one of the most popular tourist attractions in England, with highlights include Queen Mary’s famous dollhouse, St George’s Chapel, and the Royal State Apartments. The trip to the castle is most efficient from the London Paddington train station, a journey lasting about 30 minutes. Those with a London Pass can skip any outside queues.

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