Hyde Park Hotels

Cheap Hyde Park hotels are possible to find if you put a little preliminary planning into your search and book your accommodations well in advance of your trip. Hyde Park is the largest of the Royal Parks and itself is one of the most popular attractions in London. It is within close proximity of many other attractions including Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and the Natural History Museum. All of the cheap Hyde park hotels you book in this area are also nearby popular and vibrant districts like Soho and Covent Garden. If you do no plan to spend too much time in the hotel but still want to stay in Hyde Park London lodging, then you should consider one of the less expensive options available to you.

The Thistle Hyde Park (pictured) is a charming, 54-room accommodation that overlooks the park and Kensington Gardens. It is centrally located within close striking distance of Oxford Street, Kensington, and Soho. Jump on a Tube to head to Islington, Camden, or Chelsea depending on what you’re interested in doing that day. Every guest of the Thistle Hyde Park has access to a knowledgeable concierge staff and the bar located onsite. Each room is well appointed with a mini bar, nice bedding, and large bathrooms. If you are looking for Hyde Park hotels on a budget, this may be one of the best options in terms of the value you receive for the money you spend.

The ABC Hotel is another viable alternative for those seeking out cheap Hyde Park hotels. Located just a few blocks from the Paddington Tube station, you will have easy access to the entire city from where you are staying. The ABC is also just a few minutes walk from the shopping districts on Oxford and Regent Streets as well as attractions such as Madame Tussauds. There are just sixteen rooms and the prices are hard to beat at this particular Hyde Park London lodging establishment so be sure to book your room as far in advance as possible. Guests will appreciate complimentary parking, breakfast, and wireless internet as well.

The Hyde Park Court Hotel is located at Norfolk Square nearby several convenient tube stations that provide you with access to the attractions in the city that are not already right around the corner. Like most Hyde Park hotels, this accommodation is just a few minutes away, from not only Hyde, Green, and St. James Park, but also Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and other popular London attractions. There is a decent Indian restaurant on the premises and the guest staff is welcoming and accommodating.

When you are looking for cheap Hyde Park hotels, one thing you will not need to worry about is finding a suitable location. Nearly all of the hotels in this area are perfectly located for those people who want to get out and explore the city. Making the most of your time in London involves putting on the walking shoes and seeing all that this spectacular city has to offer. If you can find Hyde Park London lodging for a good price it will leave more of your budget available to do just that, perhaps enjoying a drink, meal, and even a show along the way.

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