London Dungeon

London Dungeon is one the more popular and gruesome attractions in the entire city. It is a museum of sorts, operated by Merlin Entertainments that also owns Madame Tussauds, the London Eye, and the London Sealife Centre, as well as other themed attractions. You can buy combination tickets and seasonal passes that give discounts for admission to a variety of the locations.

London Dungeon tours take you inside the macabre and dark history of some of the most calamitous events and reprehensible practices in the history of Europe. It was originally concocted to be a museum that dealt primarily with subjects and displays about the history of torture, but ultimately became a theme park type of attraction that appeals to youth with scary yet fun and interactive displays, exhibits, and rides. Attractions at the London Dungeon run the grisly gamut from Sweeney Todd’s Barber Shop to the Jack the Ripper Display. This may not be the ideal tourist attraction for the weak of stomach, but for others it will be the perfect unique touch to a vacation.

As you walk into the London Dungeon and wait for your tour to begin, you will be treated to seven minutes of tolling bells, howling cries, and scenes of decimation and terror before the haunting journey begins. The Labyrinth of the Lost is one of the first stop on any of the London Dungeon tours and is comprised of a large mirrored maze set around the theme of the crypt of All Hollows Church. An actors sets the scene and provides some historical context before frightened guests wander through the maze receiving the occasional shock from another costumed actor.

The Great Plague is another of the attractions at the London Dungeon that will keep your hair raised. The display is set in the year 1665 as London is experiencing the peak of the Bubonic Plague. This is not necessarily the most pleasant topic to deal with, but if you are already interested in going to the London Dungeon then you probably understand that this attraction deals with the real history of London, on top of the shock value and entertainment of it all. Visitors are taken into waiting rooms and shown the various ways that people tried to cure the Great Plague that afflicted so much of Europe in the Middle Ages.

Surgery: Blood and Guts is one of the more grisly attractions of all the London Dungeon tours. This particular display takes guests through some of the more primitive surgical procedures of times past including drilling holes in the skulls of patients to remove pressure and employing the leach as a means to drain bad blood.

Another popular display you may want to check out as you embark upon your London Dungeon tours is the Traitor: Boat Ride to Hell exhibit. It is a boat ride that takes place in nearly complete darkness before riders are shot down a long decline into the abyss below. This, along with the Drop Ride to Doom, are two of the most popular attractions at the London Dungeon.

Just as places like Madame Tussauds are not for everyone, but are a lot of fun for others, so too is the London Dungeon cut out for people interested in this kind of thing. If you do not have a weak stomach or a nervous bent then you should have plenty of fun witnessing all of the well-crafted attractions at the London Dungeon.

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