Facts about the London Eye

Facts about the London Eye cover myriad interesting tidbits on one of the world’s largest observation wheels. The London Eye is situated inside Jubilee Gardens which is inside London’s South Bank. To be the pair that won for best design in an initiative to create a new emblem for the forthcoming millennium in London is surely amazing. The design duo who eventually won sponsorship via the competition are Julia Barfield and David Marks, an architectural team who also happened to be married. Initially they submitted their design for a massive observation wheel to the competition. When no winners were chosen, they pushed for sponsorship and their idea was picked up and back by British Airways.

The London Eye gets the proper attention of more than 3.5 million visitors each and every year. With a height equaling that of 64 traditional British phone booths, it’s not difficult to spot either. Typically a ride lasts about 30 minutes, offering magnificent views over London and the famous River Thames. On the clearest of days visibility marks 25 miles plus and Windsor Castle will come in to view. London Eye tickets are available for pre-booked times or flexible riding times with a corresponding ticket.

Facts about the London Eye deem this project to outweigh an average, ordinary Ferris wheel, which some chalked it up to be at first. It took an entire year and a half to build the London Eye using more than 1600 tonnes of steel and more than 2900 tonnes of concrete for the wheel’s foundation. Part of the wheel’s modern look included 32 10-tonne capsules to accommodate 25 riders in total created in a futuristic design never before seen in such a design. These special capsules came from France via train. Shaped like an egg, each capsule weighs more than 1100 pounds and measures more than 26 feet. The 400-foot diameter of the wheel is connected by more than 80 spokes and connects the Czech-made spindle with the rim.

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