London Hostels

Hostels have been a main stay of travelers for many years. Traditional hostels offer low rates and shared sleeping arrangements in exchange for chores. In the 1960's and 1970's, a new type of hostel emerged that did away with the chore requirement as well as some of the other traditional hostels such as an imposed curfew. A typical London England Hostel will provide bedding (most hostels still have shared sleeping quarters) and access to shared cooking and bathing spaces. When searching for a London England Hostel, travelers will want to note that the term "hostel" can also refer to accommodation houses for homeless people, and travelers may want to make a distinction by using the term "youth hostel".

London England hostels provide comfortable lodging to travelers looking to save money. While health and safety issues are generally not a concern, travelers may want to lock up personal belongings when leaving the hostel in London of their choice. Since guests of London hostels will almost never have a private room, it is a good idea to lock up money, personal valuables and travel documents (like your passport) somewhere safe. Most London hostels will offer some kind of safe or locked area, sometimes for a fee, to house such personal belongings.

London hostels are quite numerous, and the city draws many hostel guests from around the world. For many travelers, this is a major advantage to staying in hostels in London. Since guests are often sleeping in the same room and using many of the same facilities, hostels in London are one of the best places to meet other travelers. In a city as world renowned as London, guests are sure to meet interesting international contacts at hostels in London.

Another advantage to a hostel in London is the shared kitchen area. Almost all hostels will have a fully stocked kitchen or cooking area of some kind. Ideal for backpackers and tourists who like to enjoy a home cooked meal now and again on as a contrast to UK restaurants will enjoy having access to a kitchen. Obviously, for travelers on a budget, cooking can also be a great way to save money.

If a hostel in London is only one of the many hostel stays you plan to make as you travel UK or Europe, you may want to buy into a hostel group. As a member of a hostel group, you will be eligible for discounted and cheap London hostel rates at just about any popular hostel in Europe or the UK, depending on your pass and travel plans. An investment into a hostel group is usually available for a nominal fee, and if you plan to stay in hostels for more then five nights or so, the pass will soon pay for itself. Your pass may also make you eligible for additional discounts at surrounding restaurants or other businesses.

Whether you plan to organize your entire vacation around hostel stays, or simply intersperse hostel stays with larger London hotel stays, hostels are one of the best values for any traveler.

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