London Hotels

Hotels in London combine historical structures with modern luxury. London hotels are not among the largest hotels in the world, however, and until the nineteenth century, there were hardly any hotels in London at all. The first London hotel to feature en suite bathrooms in every room was the Savoy, which opened in 1889. London hotels of the past were often simply houses with rooms for let. Coaching inns were the most popular hotels in London, so called because they serviced folks traveling through London via coach. Since that time, London hotels have come a long way, and yet continues to maintain the charm of the centuries old city.

Cheap London Hotels

Finding cheap London hotels is often a priority for travelers, and the city does offer some excellent options. Travelers looking for cheap London hotels will do best to concentrate on the outskirts of the city, as the more expensive hotels tend to be concentrated in London's west end. Inexpensive London hotels can also be located through travel companies and by booking a travel package that will combine the price of accommodation and airfare. For a comprehensive list of inexpensive London hotels, search online. Be sure to compare online prices with those offered on hotel websites to ensure that you really have found the best deals on the most inexpensive London hotels.

Bed and Breakfast London Hotels

Bed and Breakfast hotels in London are becoming more popular as many Victorian homes in the city are being restored. A Bed and Breakfast offers a feeling of home in a faraway place and can be a great way to start up a conversation with a local owner or fellow travelers from around the world. Though you may have to share a bathroom, some Bed and Breakfasts have en suite water closets; and all will of course serve you breakfast. History enthusiasts will find these restored accommodations charming.

Resorts and Spas

London and the areas surrounding London are full of relaxing resort-and-spa hotels. For travelers interested in luxury accommodation or a little time spent under the hands of a massage therapist, a London spa is a great place to make your vacation stay.

Historic Hotels in London

In a city rife with history, London does have some world-class hotels with stories to tell. The Ritz opened in 1906, and has since become the most famous hotel in London. The Savoy is also one of London's oldest hotels that is still in operation and is housed in an elegant downtown building. The Langham Hotel was the largest in London when it opened in 1865, and the Russel Hotel opened in 1898 and features one of the most stunning exteriors of any current London hotel.

Wherever you plan to make your stay in London, you'll be sure to enjoy at least one of the more then 100,000 hotels that line the city streets. Check online or with a travel agency to find the hotel that best fits your London vacation plans.

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