London Skyline

The London skyline is one of the most recognizable in Europe. The capital of the United Kingdom has for centuries been one of the most important cities in the world, in terms of commerce and trade, as well as the arts and culture. It is a city with many historical and cultural landmarks and exciting tourist attractions. Perhaps there is no greater evidence of this than the London skyline. And it is not just the London skyscrapers that capture the attention of onlookers and photographers, but also internationally recognized landmarks like the Tower Bridge, the London Eye, and Westminster Abbey.

There are as many wonderful views as there are things to do in this vibrant city in England. The only real challenge is finding a place from which to view the full beauty of the cityscape that suits you. The London skyline at night is especially impressive, when viewed from the London Eye or simply walking across the Thames on Victoria Embankment. There are a variety of approaches you can take to ensure that you capture some of the most impressive vistas of the city.

Some might say that a boat tour on the Thames provides the best opportunity to witness many of the city’s most popular attractions, all in one fell swoop. This also gives you the chance to see the skyline and some of the most sought-after attractions from a variety of angles, affording priceless opportunities for photos and video. Others may argue that the best vantage points are from the observation decks of some of the London skyscrapers. What no one can deny, however, is that the experience of viewing the entire city and beyond from the London Eye is something that you do not want to miss if you have the opportunity.

Major constructs have been built in London for centuries, and you can see many of them from the giant London Eye, a Ferris wheel that wisps passengers high into the sky and affords exceptional views from many angles. Structures like the Tower of London, which was constructed beginning in 1098, and Old St. Paul’s Cathedral, which was finished in 1310, were some of the earliest precursors to the advent of modern building and architecture in the city. You will witness Kensington Palace, the broad reach of the Thames, Buckingham Palace, and the list goes on. The modest fee to take the ride on the London Eye is well worth it. It is amongst the most popular tourist attractions in the city of London for good reason. The views of the London skyline at night are unparalleled from this lofty perspective.

Although the city does have a good selection of buildings, there are not an excessive amount of London skyscrapers due to laws that are meant to preserve protected views. This works well for the tourist interested in seeing as much of the historic city as possible. The tallest building in London is the 50-story One Canada Square in Canary Wharf. It is 771 feet tall. It is the tallest building in the UK, as well as the fourteenth-tallest in Europe. The Herron Tower, Crystal Palace Transmitter, 8 Canada Square, 25 Canada Square, and the BT Tower complete a short list of the other tallest buildings in the city.

Besides the London Eye and the city’s various observation decks and lookout points, you can also enjoy views of the city from many a fine restaurant, bar, and bridge. It is simply a matter of getting to know the city and finding out what suits you the best.

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