London Zoo

London Zoo is a favorite among animal lovers throughout the world. As one of the largest and oldest zoos in the world, the London Zoo sees thousands of visitors each year. The London Zoo is home to over 600 different animal species, many of which are quite rare. A popular choice for families in particular, a trip to the London Zoo UK is an excellent way to spend a day in London. The London Zoo UK is located at the northern end of Regent"s Park, near Camden in England. Transportation is convenient, and the London Tube makes frequent stops near the zoo.

The London Zoo UK was first opened in 1828, mainly as a place for scientists to study animals and collect data about various species. It was not opened to the public until 1847, and since that time pioneered many exhibits that are standard zoo features today. In 1949 the London Zoo opened the first-ever Reptile house; in 1953 the first Aquarium, in 1881 the first Insect House, and in 1938 the world's first Children's Zoo of its kind.

Animals in the London Zoo have also created one of the rarest collections of species in the world. The only living quagga ever to be photographed was in residence at the London Zoo until its death in 1883. A number of other animals in the London Zoo that are now extinct, such as the thylacine, were also photographed. The first hippopotamus to be viewed in Europe since the fall of the Roman Empire was seen at the London Zoo in the 19th century. Author A.A. Milne found the inspiration for his beloved children's" series, Winnie the Pooh, when he visited an American Black Bear housed at the London Zoo with his son Christopher Robin.

The collection of animals in the London Zoo continues to be one of the most unique in the world. Rare birds, as well as a large group of penguins can be found at this zoo in England. An entire section for reptiles contains snakes, lizards, and many more cold blooded friends. Among some of the more unusual exhibits is the nocturnal exhibit, where special lights darken the area while also allowing guests to view the busy activity of the night loving creatures. Recent changes to this zoo in England are continuing to make the study of these animals as they behave in their natural habitat more possible and convenient, as the zoo expands and adds exhibits that replicate the homes these animals would make in the wild.

If touring this zoo in England from behind the glass doesn't offer enough excitement for your London Zoo excursion, you may want to consider signing up for the zoo's Keeper for a Day program. For an additional fee guests can book either a half day or full day of behind-the-scenes zoo action. Keepers for a Day will help zoo staff feed animals, clean cages, and experience the hands-on excitement of working directly with the animals. This is a great option for any aspiring zoo keepers.

The London Zoo opens at 10 a.m. throughout the year, with longer hours during the summer. Tickets may be purchased at the zoo website, or in person at the zoo itself. Ticket prices vary depending on the season, and the zoo offers family ticket options in addition to individual ticket purchases. The London Zoo is not only a historic landmark; it is a wonderful experience for anyone traveling to London.

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