2012 Olympics Hotels

2012 Olympics hotels are plentiful, which is good news for travelers, as finding accommodation in London is usually as high a priority as getting tickets to the Games. It is best to start your search for accommodations as soon as possible and to book hotels located near the venues, if you can. Choosing a hotel early may help you take advantage of discounts and cheap accommodations options, and numerous two- and three-star East London hotels are always in competition to lure visitors to the city. If you’re seeking the most affordable 2012 Olympic lodging, it’s best to also look into hostels and budget hotels slightly farther from the venues, if you’re willing to travel the extra distance to save the cash.

You should have little trouble finding budget accommodations if you plan your trip early, but during the 2012 London Olympics hotels are going to be more expensive in the city than almost anywhere else in Europe. Of course, planning a trip to the games with a large budget ensures that you can book excellent 2012 Olympics hotels as well, in order to relax in comfort right in Central London, but if you’re looking to spend less on your trip, it’s best to book a hotel room several months (or even a year) before the games begin.

2012 Olympics accommodations are plentiful, as London has an extremely high number of hotels. There are numerous budget hotels that offer excellent services in London, and many can be found near Stratford, home of the 2012 London Olympic Stadium. A centerpiece of the games, the stadium will hose the spectacular opening and closing ceremonies as well as key athletic events, and travelers will find a range of 2012 Olympics accommodations near Stratford, though there will be more luxury and four-star hotels than budget lodging options.

If you are looking to book a three-star hotel before the Olympics begin, there are mid-range hotels in the Stratford area that will suit most travelers. For instance, the Holiday Inn Express Stratford (pictured) is an excellent option and is very close to the London Olympic Stadium as well. It is also just a few miles from the local shopping center, and it boasts a clean, modern décor that is also comfortable. Amenities include high-speed internet access, a hairdryer, and air conditioning, and the restaurant on the ground floor offers pizza and continental breakfasts, among other foods.

There are also good options for cheap London Olympics hotels. The Newham Hotel is a good choice when it comes to budget accommodation; located near the West Ham football club, the hotel provides modern amenities at affordable rates, and it also has good security measures, include well-lit areas and CCTV installed outside. The Forest Gate Hotel is another of the most affordable London Olympics hotels options in the same area. Its Victorian-style interiors attracts both art-lovers and travelers simply looking for a good place to stay.

If you have trouble finding affordable 2012 Olympics accommodations in the immediate area, you can also look in other parts of East London. Essex can be a nice alternative, for instance, as you will find a variety of quality hotels at a good value, and there is reliable public transportation into the city as well. Options include the Atlantic Hotel in Chelmsford, the Rose and Crown hotel in Colchester, and the Cross Keys Hotel in Saffron. All these hotels in Essex and others offer excellent amenities, including wireless internet and air-conditioning. Hotels in North London and others in the southern part of the city can also be excellent options for 2012 Olympics hotels that have easy access to the main venues and can come at an affordable rate, and it’s also worth looking into hotels near the various airports, including Heathrow, Stansted, Luton, and Gatwick. However, no matter where you choose to stay, be sure to book as early as possible to ensure that you have the best possible accommodations for your Olympic vacation.



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