Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus is not only a road junction but also one of the most popular tourist attractions in London. It is situated on the west side of the City of Westminster. It is widely known for its neon signs that resemble a shorter version of Times Square and as a busy, circular road junction that connects Regent Street with Piccadilly Street. As such, masses of tourists gather around on the sidewalks to take photographs, as Piccadilly Circus has become an attraction in and of itself. There are a wide variety of stores and shops in Piccadilly Circus. There is also a host of restaurants, bars, cafes, and hotels near Piccadilly Circus.

The prime location of this bustling area in London lends to the widespread notoriety of this particular attraction. Even those who have not visited the city have likely heard the words Piccadilly Circus. The West End of London has been a vibrant center for culture, entertainment, and the arts for some time and areas of Regent Street and Piccadilly Street are no exceptions. The list of shops in Piccadilly Circus alone is a long one. From clothing boutiques and jewelers to bookstores and arts and crafts shops, this is one of the most heavily trafficked and popular districts in the city. It is also exceedingly well connected with surrounding destinations such as Soho, the Strand, Shaftesbury Avenue, Westminster, and Bloomsbury. The London Underground System is one of the most efficient in the world. If you are staying in any one of the many hotels near Piccadilly Circus you will only have a short Tube ride until you arrive into the center of all the action.

You won’t fault tourists for gawking and walking too slowly once you arrive on Piccadilly Circus yourself. Whether you choose to head down Regent or Piccadilly Street, the options available for shopping, eating, drinking, and sightseeing go on and on. You can visit the Godiva store and put together custom baskets of your favorite chocolate delights or find the perfect makeup and fragrance selections at L’Occitane. The Prada Store on nearby Bond Street caters to the selective fancies of the most fashionable of London’s residents and visitors, and Christie’s Fine Art Auctioneers has been selling art in the area since 1776.

Shops in Piccadilly Circus do not get much more famous than the Chanel Store located on Bond Street just a couple minutes walk from the famous junction. The Dover Street Market is a luxury department store where you can find homewares, jewelry, clothing, and more. It is also the little establishments that give shops in Piccadilly Circus and the area in general the character it has earned. Places such as Any Amount of Books located on Charring Cross Road just a few minutes from Piccadilly Circus sells everything from antique first editions to rare selections to second-hand books. Since there is also a wide selection of hotels near Piccadilly Circus, you should definitely consider staying in the area, as it is one of the most exciting parts of town. The Thistle Piccadilly, 22 Jermyn Street, and the Regent Palace Hotel are just three examples of spectacular accommodations in the area.

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