Royal Opera House

Royal Opera House performances are some of the most sought after events in the city of London. It is one of the best known of all the performing arts venues in the city and is located in the London district of Covent Garden. The Royal Opera House in London was first constructed in 1732, but succumbed to two fires (the first in 1808 and the second in 1857) that required major rebuilding projects. The Royal Opera House also underwent a massive series of renovations in the 1990s that brought it into the marvelous condition that it enjoys today. Although elements of the Royal Opera House from 1858 including the foyer and auditorium still remain, the majority of the construct is a result of the renovations in the 90s.

Performances at Royal Opera House London include those by The Royal Opera, The Royal Ballet, and the Royal Opera House Orchestra. An interesting note about the history of this attraction is that Handel’s first season of operas was performed in 1734, only the third year in the existence of the then Theatre Royal. Currently, this elegant and regal theatre is now the gathering place for young and old who visit not only for the excellent performances at the Royal Opera House, but also for Royal Opera House tours. There are also a host of options for fine and casual dining on the premises. This is one of the premiere destinations for classical music, opera, and ballet in all of Western Europe.

Royal Opera House tours are a must for any opera or ballet lovers planning a visit to London. Witness the Collections at the Royal Opera House that put on display a wide variety of the regalia and materials that have been a part of the history of the place for so long. The amazing Performance Database allows you to go into the history of the opera and ballet by viewing every performance that has taken place since 1942. If you are interested in Royal Opera House tours, you should also know that throughout the year the Royal Opera House in London also opens the doors to its galleries and has larger exhibits that display full costume cases. The best way to stay abreast of current performances and exhibitions is to check the official website and certainly call in advance of any trip you are currently planning.

There are several excellent restaurants at the Royal Opera House in London. The Amphitheatre Restaurant, Paul Hamlyn Hall and Amphitheatre Bar, Balconies Restaurant, and Crush Room are all enviable destinations that some of London’s elite frequent after shows by the Royal Opera House Orchestra. Enjoy international fare in an elegant atmosphere before or after the show of your choice. If you are planning a trip to London at the moment, be sure to order your tickets as far in advance as possible to make sure you get a seat. Although the Royal Opera House seats some 2,200 people, the performances are some of the hottest tickets in the city.

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