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London shopping is some of the best in the world. This sprawling metropolis competes with the other fashion centers such as Paris, Venice, and New York City, and holds its own. The various shopping districts and neighborhoods in the city each give their own take on the best shopping in London. From the Burberry Outlet in East London (Hackney) to the high-end boutiques and giant department store Harrods in Knightsbridge to a whole range of independent and alternative markets and stores in Camden Town, you are sure to find something to please everyone’s shopping preferences. If you are a Burberry enthusiast but do not necessarily have unlimited funds, the Burberry Outlet in East London is the place where you have the chance to find the best bargains on your favorite gear.

Knightsbridge is an area of town where a vast array of luxurious London shops are located. Harrods is an absolutely massive construct that has seven floors and takes up a full city block. It is perhaps the best known and most popular department store in the city and has long been a fixture of the London shopping scene. Harrods has a reputation for being the place where you can buy just about everything. There are also a range of high-end designer boutiques and other exclusive shops that line the streets of Knightsbridge.

Oxford Street may not be the most popular shopping destination for residents of London as it can tend to be congested and chocked full of tourists. It cannot be denied, however, that this is the shopping epicenter of London, if for nothing else, because of the sheer number of retail establishments. From the world-famous department store, Selfridges, to the high-end boutiques on Bond Street and peppering Oxford Circus, some of the best shopping in London can be found in this area. If you are not opposed to large crowds and want to have the option of doing all of your shopping in one place, then Oxford Street is the destination for you.

Camden Town located in north London is the sight of not only a thriving independent music scene and a vibrant cultural center, but it is also the place for some of the best shopping in London when it comes to one-off stores and independent retailers that sell everything from clothing to electronics. One can find handcrafted works of jewelry and clothing made by local artists as well as cool and casual restaurants and bars in Camden Town. If you want to go to Camden specifically for shopping and are not interested in the party that goes along with this largely youthful area of London, go during the week as the weekend brings throngs of party-goers and tourists. This is a great area to enjoy London shopping as it gives you a glimpse of London that is not often publicized in travel guides and such. Take a stroll through Regent’s Park or visit the London Zoo on your way back south to wherever you are staying in the city.

These are just a few of the options for where to enjoy London shopping. Portobello Road is known for its range of impressive antique outlets, Carnaby Street is a chic and enviable district for shopping located just north of SoHo behind Regent Street, and Covent Garden is known for its many independent fashion outlets as well as Marks and Spencer. Be sure to look into more than just the Burberry Outlet in East London for your fashion needs in London as there are virtually unlimited options at the tips of your fingers.

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