Tower Bridge

As the industrial revolution swept through London, England, the city flourished. Population in the industrial east side of the city increased drastically and gave rise to a need for a bridge that crossed the Thames River other then the main thoroughfare at the time, the famous London Bridge. Thus, the marvelous Tower Bridge was built in 1894 after 8 years of construction. The East end of London was a major port for trade and industry at the time, and architects knew that the London Tower Bridge would have to make allowances for the heavy ship traffic that passed along this area of the Thames River daily. The Tower Bridge was a bit of an engineering marvel at the time, and remains to this day a popular tourist attraction.

Tower Bridge History actually begins in 1876, when a special bridge committee was first formed to begin making plans and reviewing ideas for a Tower Bridge in London. More than 50 designs were submitted the special bridge committee for consideration, some of which can be viewed in the Tower Bridge exhibit today. Finally, in 1884 the design of Horace Jones was chosen and approved for construction.

The London Tower Bridge design was both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Two huge towers suspend an upper walkway for pedestrians, as well as a lower road for vehicles (which also has a pedestrian walkway). The lower road is comprised of two halves, which can be raised up to allow ships to pass. Tower Bridge History reflects that at the time of its construction, the London Tower Bridge was powered by steam. Although the steam pumps were replaced an electric system in 1976, the old steam pumps of the Tower Bridge in London can still be viewed today.

The Tower Bridge in London remains one of the more popular tourist attractions in the city. In 1982, the upper walkway of the Tower Bridge London was opened to the public as an exhibition. The walkway was paved, the enclosed area lined with pictures and information about the Tower Bridge History. Views from atop the Tower Bridge London are incredible, and the windows have even been designed to allow tourists to take pictures from behind the glass without interference.

Admission to the Tower Bridge London Exhibit can be purchased in advance online, or in person at the ticket Tower Bridge ticket office. Guests may purchase tickets to view the exhibit only, the monument only or both together. Prices vary depending the age of the guest; ranging from about 5 British Pounds to 20 British Pounds, with children under age 5 being free. The Tower Bridge is open daily from 9:30am to 6pm throughout the year, closing to observe Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. For anyone interested in architectural history, or simply hoping to take some pictures from a lovely vantage spot, the London Tower Bridge makes a great destination.

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Tower Bridge

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