London Transport Museum

London Transport Museum tickets are quite reasonable, especially when you consider all of the cool displays and artifacts housed at the museum. London has played an integral role in the development and progression of culture in Western Europe for hundreds of years, but the London Transport Museum (LTM) specifically celebrates the role of London in facilitating and leading the way on developing new means of transportation that connected Britain as it had never been in the past. The exhibitions at London Transport Museum give visitors a unique glimpse into all that was required in terms of design, architectural know-how, engineering, and planning to craft and maintain such a highly sophisticated system of underground as well as above ground transportation systems. It is located in Covent Garden on Wellington Street less than a quarter mile from where Victoria Embankment intersects with Waterloo Road at the north bank of the Thames.

The exhibitions at London Transport Museum range from artwork and posters that relate the strong emphasis that was placed on creating a streamlined and consistent visual identity for the London Underground system to in-depth explanations and descriptions of how the development of the transportation system in general lent itself to the population boom of the nineteenth century in Britain. As more people could live further from the city, London essentially began to grow from the inside out. The population in Britain multiplied by an order of six from the years between 1801 and 1901 and this can be largely attributed to a reliable system for effective public transport. The LTM takes the more exciting aspects of this wide stretching project and brings it to life in such a way that it is possible for the everyday person to appreciate.

The London Transport Museum has a wide variety of vehicles in their collection that will excite transportation enthusiasts to be sure. They feature old railway carriages, steam locomotives, multiple unit streetcars, trolley buses, and electric trams. It is a truly engaging experience to crawl inside a double deck bus that was one of the first iconic buses of its kind to hit the streets of London. The great thing about the exhibitions at London Transport Museum is that you don’t just wander through and look at the vehicles, exhibits, and collections, but rather you get valuable background information that sets everything in perfect context for you. When you begin your tour and move through the London Transport Museum, it will become clear that the development of London had everything to do with the ability of its civic leaders to identify the best and most talented individuals to plan and execute on building out an extensive and comprehensive transportation infrastructure.

There are tons of highlights for the kids as well including a huge variety of model cars and trains, interactive exhibits, and of course the whole family will be able to enjoy a snack or meal right inside the LTM. The exhibitions at London Transport Museum are of great historical significance, especially in terms of the rapid nineteenth- and twentieth-century development of the city. Lucky for visitors, the exhibits happen to also be fascinating, making an afternoon at  one of London's most unusual museums well worth your while.

Image: VisitLondonImages/Pawel Libera
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