Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium is one of the most legendary venues in the world, not only for major sporting events, but also for mega concerts. Wembley Stadium events are the biggest of the big as it serves primarily as an association football venue in London. It is owned by the Football Association (or FA) and plays host to the England National Football Team and all of the major English cup finals. The history of Wembley Stadium will even include the 2010 Olympics. Of major interest to soccer fans around the world and more specifically in England is that the 2011 UEFA Champions League Final will be held at Wembley Stadium.

Wembley has a capacity of 90,000, which makes it the second-largest stadium in all of Europe. (The largest is Camp Nou in Barcelona, Spain.) The first permutation of Wembley Stadium opened up in 1923. Although this was when the stadium was constructed, the grounds on which it stands has been used for football since the 1880s. The Old Wembley was demolished in 2000 and the New Wembley Stadium did not reopen until March 9, 2007. The forward thinking and impressive design of the new venue provides the perfect setting for the regularly massive Wembley Stadium events, from giant concerts to some of the biggest football matches anywhere in Europe. If it happens at Wembley, it is guaranteed to be a major happening, and the many Wembley Stadium hotels help with the hosting of these events.

Wembley Stadium is perhaps even better known around the world for being a world-class music venue than it is for being a major football stadium. The Old Wembley hosted the world’s preeminent musicians and bands including the likes of Oasis, AC/DC, Queen, U2, and so many more. Many of the biggest bands in the world will perform two performances, sometimes on back to back nights. U2 set an attendance record by selling over 164,000 tickets over the course of two nights. Oasis recently played a staggering three concerts over the course of five nights at the new venue and was one of the most highly anticipated Wembley Stadium events of the last couple of years. George Michael was the first performer to give a show at the New Wembley Stadium in June of 2007. The internationally popular rock band Muse became the first band to ever sell out the venue in 2007.

The New Wembley also hosted some of the most notable and celebrated live music gatherings and charity concerts in recent memory. The Concert for Diana was in 2007 ten years after Death of Diana, the Princess of Wales. Live Aid was also held at this stadium.

Wembley Stadium events range from the biggest football matches to the biggest and most highly anticipated concerts. There are a wide variety of hotels near Wembley Stadium, so whether you are traveling from Scotland or Wales or just from central London you will have the option of staying overnight in the northwest Borough of Wembley for the night after a rousing concert or raucous show at the stadium. Any Wembley Stadium events that you may be lucky enough to see will most definitely be a memorable experience.

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