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Manchester UK is located just about halfway between Liverpool and Leeds in the northwestern part of the country. It is a large city with a population approaching 3 million. Manchester England is not a city that many think of as a tourist destination due in large part to negative connotations from its industrial history. However, there has been a great deal of revitalization beginning in the latter part of the 20th century, and the city has a number of excellent and very worthwhile attractions and districts. The Castlefield district is one of these.

Castlefield is at the very heart of the inner city, and was its center as far back as the Roman Empire. This is where the original settlement of what the Romans called Mamucium was located; they built a fort here in AD 79. This was the heart of the modern, industrial Manchester with huge factories and soot stained brick buildings. Most of the district of Castlefield has now been developed into an Urban Heritage Park, and it is quite lovely. Along the banks of the Bridgewater Canal, trendy river barges that do luxury cruises are tied up. There are a number of equally trendy Manchester England pubs and dining spots, a huge open-air amphitheatre reminiscent of Roman times, and the excellent Museum of Science and Industry that contains the Liverpool Road Station—the first passenger railway station in the world. There are ancient city walls here that date to the 16th century and stand more than six feet high.

You will find a variety of Manchester UK hotels and other lodging located in Castlefield. There is the luxurious Great John Street Hotel, set in a former Victorian school townhouse and boasting 30 very eclectic duplex suites and rooms, including a roof garden apartment with a heated terrace. One of England's hostels is also located here. The YHA Hostel is located on Potato Wharf and offers family rooms in addition to traditional youth hostel rooms and dorm accommodations.

The Manchester UK Airport is a major international facility with flight service that includes Abu Dhabi, Athens, Zurich, Vancouver, Paris, Lisbon, Istanbul, and many other cities. This reflects the diversity of the city, which boasts a vibrant Chinatown, the gay-friendly district called The Village, and Curry Mile with a half-mile of Indian restaurants and shops. Manchester England boasts one of the country's most important cathedrals, located in the Millennium Quarter. It boasts the widest nave of any of any other UK cathedral and dates perhaps farther back than the 13th century.

The Manchester UK Town Hall is a wonderful example of Gothic architecture symbolizing the city's power and wealth during the Industrial Revolution. There are a number of museums here, including the Imperial War Museum North, set on the side of the canal. This architecturally modern building was opened in 2002, and is one of only five branches of the Museum that has its headquarters in London. There is an excellent Art Museum and a Jewish Museum chronicling the ling and rich Jewish heritage of the city. This city also brags that it has the world's most popular Football (American soccer) Club - Man United. Other city teams that might dispute this include Real Madrid, AC Milan, Arsenal (London)...and many others.

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